Factors to Consider When Buy First Sex Toy ( For Men )

Factors to consider when buy first sex toy

First of all: what do you want from your first sex toy?

Are you looking to buy a male masturbation cup? Or an anal/prostate vibrator? Or maybe a sex torso doll? For different requirements, the first element you should determine is the type of sex toys.

When buying sex toys, we must especially consider the materials used to make them. Because it directly touches the private parts of our body, unsafe materials may cause physical discomfort in addition to a poor experience.

Below we will introduce the different features of different types of sex toys, so that you can understand it faster. If you want to have a deeper research of a certain type of product, you can look for relevant information in our blog.

Ejaculation-satisfying sex toys

Ejaculation-satisfying sex toys: The mainstream ejaculation-satisfying sex toys on the market are basically designed to simulate sexual intercourse. There are masturbation cups, erection aids, sex dolls and more.


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Masturbation cup - the hottest male masturbation device! A sex toy that simulates vaginal, anal, and oral sex designed according to women's vagina, anus, and mouth. There are manual masturbation cups and automatic masturbation cups. Electric auto masturbation cups use motors to achieve functions such as vibration, rotation, propulsion, and heating. Of course, it is also more expensive than manual masturbation cups. It can very well simulate the sexual intercourse scene you want and its small enough design makes it more convenient for you to carry, allowing you to use it in multiple scenes.



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Penis pump - suitable for people with sexual erectile dysfunction, it is also recommended by doctors to treat sexual erectile dysfunction. There are water bath and vacuum working modes. Vacuum erectile pumps use a vacuum negative pressure mode to quickly engorged the penis to achieve an erection; water bath penis pumps use a combination of warm water and suction to expand tissue.


sex doll torso

Sex dolls - sex dolls are divided into full body sex dolls and sex doll torsos. Full size sex dolls are designed to restore the physical characteristics of women in a 1:1 ratio. People buy full-body dolls as an emotional support because they are realistic enough. The torso of a sex doll is designed according to a certain part of the female body, such as a half torso, a big butt, or a sex toy with a big breast. It is more biased towards physiological needs, allowing you to restore the scene of sexual intercourse with a real partner at the same time Can solve your needs. Generally, dolls are relatively large in size and inconvenient to carry.

it looks like a part of your body

Anal/prostate vibrator: Few people choose anal toys less, but if you are a person who seeks stimulation, you can start with small anal plugs. Now there are enough styles on the market, you just need to choose the style you want . Some people like anal games in order to get P-spot orgasm. Prostate massager can not only stimulate prostate to get prostate orgasm, but also treat prostatitis.

Tip: It’s not the bigger the sex toy, the better. For a novice, try to choose a suitable and primary toy. As you become more familiar with the situation, you can slowly try more stimulating sex toys. All in all, if you have the courage to try, you will get a different feeling and stimulation.


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