Masturbator Cup

Overview of the masturbation cup

Masturbation cup is the most popular male masturbator toy on the adult market, offering modes of vibration, rotation, and heating to simulate the real sensation of intercourse and oral sex.

How to find the best masturbator cup for you?

If you are a beginner, the size of male masturbation cup is the first factor, then consider whether you want a manual masturbation cup or a fully automatic masturbation cup, because a proper size is often what will give you the most perfect experience.

If you are a experienced player, you already know right size and favorite style preferences. You just need to focus on its features and choose a new style you want to try. For example, the combination of a sex impactor and a masturbation cup allows you to free your hands, and obtain more powerful vibration, rotation, and propulsion through the sex machine on the top of the masturbation cup, bringing you stronger and more direct stimulation.