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Introduction of dildos

Dildo, also known as a pleasure stick, is a sex toy that simulates a man's erect penis, usually used for masturbation or to cheer up during intercourse, is a major type of erotic products. The materials used to make dildos are also relatively diverse, the most common are silicone, pvc, tpe, glass, etc. The performance of the dildos made from each material will be different, such as silicone dildos , silicone is the most commonly used material in the sex toy market. Moderately flexible and body temperature heated quickly, this penis is durable enough to clean easily. It can have very different vibrations and coating textures. Due to these advantages, most women prefer silicone penises. The glass dildo is very strong and durable. The non-porous structure, so the penis does not accumulate harmful bacteria and is easy to clean. In addition, the plasticity of this material is also very high can give you more ways to play with it. If you keep the toy in the freezer, you can feel the passion of cold. If put down into hot water, it will be excitingly warm.

Are you still thinking about how to buy the right dildo for you?

If this is your first dildo, it is recommended that you can choose a slightly smaller size dildo, so you can slowly adapt to its working mode; if you are already a veteran player, then the store goods at your disposal, each has its own unique functional characteristics, you can go shopping according to what you want, want to stimulate? You can browse our double-headed dildos and giant dildos; want to free your hands? That sex machines is definitely your first choice! If your budget is not very sufficient then remote control vibrating dildos can also meet your needs! You just need to control the remote control to make it work in different modes, lying down to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm! Remote control dildo can also play together, you just need to give the remote control to your partner can start your journey of love ~ want to experience a powerful visual impact you must not miss the purchase of monster dildos, which will make you feel a different kind of stimulation! The store super super realistic dildos for you to buy ~ and sex machine products, to meet your needs for more experience.