5 Factors You Should Know Before Buying a Sex Doll Torso

5 Factors You Should Know Before Buying a Sex Doll Torso

Why do many people want to buy a sex doll torso of their own nowadays? With the development of electronics technology, more and more people get addicted to the Internet and suffer from communication barriers.

Some even have severe depression and anxiety, which makes it difficult for them to find the same-frequency sexual partners in real life. Therefore, the sex doll torso could be a great choice to satisfy their sexual desires. The sex dolls are a little pricey, so you can refer to our suggestions before purchasing.

 1. Consider your budget for your torso sex doll

    What is your approximate budget? You need to determine if your have enough budget to buy a sex doll. Generally speaking, sex dolls are more expensive than ordinary sex toys. There are, of course, some cheaper sex doll torsos. You can make the choice according to your budget.

    2. Consider the material, style and function of the sex doll

    Before buying a sex doll with realistic pussy, you should not only know in advance what materials it’s made of, but also the characteristics of each material. Sex dolls made of different materials vary in touch and appearance. 

    Most sex dolls on the market are made of silicone and TPE materials. Compared with TPE sex dolls, silicone dolls are harder, and there will be traces at the seams. On the other hand, silicone dolls are high temperature resistant, odorless, non-sticky and non-oily. Not easy to be deformed, silicone dolls have longer service life; While TPE dolls are relatively softer for better touch feel, but they are more likely to become oily or deform.

    In addition, sex doll torso can be classified by vibrating and non-vibrating styles, either as a half-doll (full breasts, realistic vagina, and lifelike butt) or just a sex doll ass (realistic vagina and round buttocks). So you should figure out what style you prefer before you buy.

     3. Consider the size and weight of the sex doll torso

    You need to know the size and weight of the sex doll you desire. To be specific, you should decide if you prefer a normal size similar to a real human, or a smaller/larger size. You should be clear with that in advance, since the sex dolls on the market vary dramatically in specifications and sizes. If you don't make up your mind, you’ll probably get confused when searching on the Internet.

    It’s more difficult for some sex dolls to perform some body positions, due to their shapes and weight. The vibrating sex dolls will allow you to experience more positions.

    You need to learn this knowledge in advance and combine it with your inner needs to buy a sex doll you really want!

     4. Know how to clean and store the sex doll

    We need to clean sex dolls before or after using them to maintain the health of our reproductive organs. Meanwhile, proper cleaning and storage can also extend the lifespan of the sex dolls. 

    The cleaning method vary according to the materials of the sex doll. Improper cleaning methods may damage the materials, reducing the service life of the sex doll. For more cleaning methods, check out our How to Clean and Store Sex Dolls. 

     5. Know how to usethe sex doll

    Like common masturbators, sex doll torsos satisfy your desires when you need them. First you should clean the sex doll you buy (such as a sex doll torso, realistic pussy; vivid ass, etc.), then put it on your bed or sofa, and use the lubricant that does not conflict with the material of the doll (Please note that the silicone should not be used with silicone-based lubricants, as it may corrode silicone dolls). Enough lubrication will give you a better experience when playing with "her/him".

    Tips: Please pay attention to the hygiene when using a sex doll. You should wash it before and after use~. Use it moderately without overindulge!

    Final Words

    When you know all of these, you can buy your sex doll to find your favorite him/her! For more buying tips, check out our How to Buy the Best Sex Doll Torsos~


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