How to Cleaned & Preserve Sex Dolls

How to Cleaned & Preserve Sex Dolls

1. How often should sex dolls be cleaned?

The cleanliness of the sex doll not only protects our health but also prolongs its service life. It is recommended to clean the sex doll after each use so as not to have residual bodily fluids on the sex doll that breed bacteria due to lack of timely cleaning.

2. Different materials of sex dolls should be how to clean?

Now most of the sex dolls on the market are made of silicone or TPE material, so I will talk about their respective cleaning methods for these two materials.

Silicone sex doll - it has the characteristics of silicone material, water resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, not easy to corrode, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, can maintain the soft elastic properties for a long time, easy to clean and so on. Silicone can be cleaned with soap, but must not be used with the lubricant of silicone, may be corroded; silicone sex dolls without electronic parts can be directly disinfected at high temperature for 3-5 minutes.

TPE sex dolls - TPE material is the softest, has a good appearance and texture, gentle to the touch, very close to human skin. Sex dolls made of TPE material can be cleaned with just warm water or ordinary soap and water, but they cannot be disinfected at high temperatures.

3. How to clean the vagina/anus of sex dolls properly?

Douche the vagina/anus using a vaginal douche.

Then clean the vagina thoroughly and drain as much water inside as possible available cotton swabs to dry the water.

Leave the sex doll in a standing position so that it can dry naturally.

After drying, you can apply talcum powder to the sex doll so that the sex doll can be more refreshing.

4. Things to avoid when cleaning

The correct method of cleaning and maintenance is essential for the long-term use of sex dolls.

Do not use cleaners at will, because some cleaners can have a negative effect on the material, when you encounter uncertainty about the cleaning agent is recommended to contact us first or check online to see if it conflicts with the material of the sex doll.

Keep away from sharp objects when cleaning or storing to avoid puncturing the sex doll.

In the case of sex dolls with electronics, please be careful not to let the electronics soak in water to avoid damaging it to work properly.

Use non-abrasive materials when drying so as to avoid scratching the skin of the sex doll when wiping, and also do not use too much force to rub.

It is very important that the sex doll dries naturally. Under no circumstances should any kind of electric air dryer be used, as this can damage the sex doll.

5. How to store sex dolls?

There are many ways to store your dolls. In order to be able to use your doll for a longer period of time, there are the following precautions.

Sunlight - direct sunlight can cause the material to wear and tear, so try to keep your doll in a cool place.

Dust - The skin of sex dolls can easily get dusty. We recommend placing the doll in a dust-proof storage bag or original product box as much as possible when not in use, because once dust is on it, it can be difficult to remove.

Stains - Avoid placing sex doll toys in cluttered places, such as clothing that will fade or next to things like paint brushes to avoid stains.


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