Penis Pumps

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Penis pumps, also known as penis trainers, are one of the few non-drug treatment options available for erectile dysfunction (ED). ED makes it difficult to maintain an erection long enough for sexual activity!

Difficulty getting an erection?

In fact, doctors sometimes recommend that men with erectile dysfunction buy a penis pump because it stimulates your penis to get an erection. Maintaining regular use and training can effectively improve your erection dilemma.

Do penis pumps work?

Yes, many men notice increased sex time after using a penis pump. Introducing a penis pump during foreplay is effective, which can make sex between partners more enjoyable. While it's true that penis pumps can prolong your erection, these are mostly short-term gains. Long-term use of a penis pump is required to improve impotence.

Types of penis pumps and how they work.

A vacuum penis pump works by using the force of air to pull on the tissue in the penis. Removing air from the cup in a vacuum pulls on the penis and promotes blood flow to the area, resulting in an erection.

Some electric penis pumps are also designed with built-in vibrators, allowing you to enjoy vibrator stimulation during and after an erection.

A water penis pump uses a combination of warm water and suction to expand tissue. The pump provides more even expansion, and the warm fluid naturally relaxes the tissue.