Avoid Do Something Bad to Your Sex Doll?

Avoid Do Something Bad to Your Sex Doll?

A sex doll that costs your much money is broken in just a few months or even some days! Why? Of course, there are many reasons for the damage. Some products do have certain quality problems, some was broken because of shipping. Maybe we did something bad to her. So how should we avoid these problems?

 1. Avoid bending at the same position for a long time

    sex doll's position

    The main material of the sex doll is high-grade silicone, referred to as TPE. Bending at the same position for a long time will easily cause wrinkles or even cracks on the silicone sex doll's body. For better preservation, try to keep her in a stretched position.

     2. Do not place it near high temperature


    Some materials such as TPE are not resistant to high temperature. If the sex doll is placed near high temperature, the material may melt and damage the TPE sex doll. Try to store the doll in a dry and cool environment.

    3. Don’t dress her in clothes that will fade

      faded clothes

      The surface of the material used to make a sex doll is more or less oily (the material itself is secreted during the manufacturing process), which makes her prone to dust or stains. Many people will dress up the torso sex doll after buying her and buy her beautiful clothes. At this time, we should pay attention to whether the purchased clothes will fade, otherwise the color will be attached to the surface of the doll's skin and it will not be easy to clean.

      4. Don’t use your own skin care products to nourish her

      skin care product

      These skin care tools or products can improve your skin, but it’s not suitable for sex dolls. Especially, most are made of silicone and TPE materials, and the various skin care products you use will degrade TPE. If we use these things to smear the sex dolls, it may cause damage to the material on the surface of the sex torso dolls.

      5. Make sure to wash your doll in right way

      wash your sex doll correctly

      Because of their larger size, sex dolls are generally more difficult to clean, but if they are not cleaned well, the residual dirt will produce bacteria, which will endanger our health. Avoid using high-temperature water or boiling water to wash it. After washing with warm water, let her dry naturally and store it well.

      6. Do not squeeze violently

      pinch something vigorously

      Violent squeezing will definitely cause a certain degree of damage to everything. Some sex dolls are designed with an internal "skeleton" that can cause damage to her if you treat her too violently.

      7. Carefully choose makeup for dolls

      makeup products

      The doll's materials are reactive to some chemicals, so we try not to apply any absorbable cosmetics on the doll casually. If you really want to dress her up, please check the cosmetics used before dressing up. Will not damage your doll material.

      8. Do not spray perfume on the your sex doll


      The perfume contains alcohol, which has a certain stimulating effect and will have a chemical reaction with the materials used to make it, so do not spray the perfume directly on the doll's skin, or it may damage her skin and leave stains.

      If you really like to spray perfume for your doll, you can spray the perfume on the doll's clothes, wait for it to dry completely and wear it on the doll, so that the doll can smell the perfume without damaging her body epidermis.

      Tips: A sex doll, she is not only your sexual partner, but also a part of your spiritual and psychological sustenance. Be kind to her and spend as long as possible with her.


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