At Yoyobana, you're sure to find a vibrator you like, whether it's a rabbit or G-spot vibrator. We offers you a variety of vibrators with different vibrating modes and sucking modes.

Introduction to vibrators.

Vibrators are sex toys with internal motors designed to stimulate the sensitive points of the sexual organs through vibrations to achieve orgasm. Previously, the only traditional vibrators were vibrators, but now in order to meet the needs of society, a variety of shapes and functions of vibrators have been derived.

There are many types of vibrators, how to choose?

The rabbit vibrators named after "Sex and the City" can stimulate multiple sensitive points at the same time due to its special shape, and the design with remote control can increase the ease of use for single users as well as the level of interest between couples.
The egg vibrators are small but powerful sex toys that vibrate to target the nerve endings of the clitoris. Similarly, clitoral vibrators as well as suction vibrators toys do the same thing but combine clitoral suction and pulsation.
These are considered vibrators for women, but you can also get vibrating prostate massagers for men.