7 Sucking Modes Male Automatic Male Stroker
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Yoyobana 7 Sucking Modes Male Automatic Male Stroker

SKU: A019002

Yoyobana 7-level variable speed automatic male steoker, one-key orgasm quick use, stimulate your penis, let you enter the state more quickly!Perfect size for one-handed grip.

Color: white


Male Automatic Male Stroker

Masturbation and penis enlargement training combined with advanced motor automation. Sucking and spinning modes can be freely combined. If one mode can't push you to the edge, the 2-in-1 will, starting with 7 rotation modes. In addition, the automatic male stroker adds 7 vacuum suction modes. Combinations of these patterns can produce varying degrees of happiness.

The design can not only enjoy the new masturbation experience brought by the rotary clip suction, but also can generate vacuum suction to help penis erection and enlargement. The 7-level suction can gradually train the penis erection function and enhance sexual endurance.


One touch orgasm mode combines strong sucking sensation with stimulating vibration. If you cannot tolerate strong stimulation, you can release the pressure from the aircraft cup by pressing the button to deflate.


The interior of this men's masturbator is made of realistic 3D TPE particles, forming a perfect channel. It is very soft, flexible, and stretchable, making it easy to disassemble and assemble male sex toys. Simply pull it out, rinse it, and then air dry it.

Basic Specifications

Fully waterproof: compared with most of the electric male masturbators on the market, this is a rare masturbation device that is completely waterproof and can work underwater, because it adopts a fully sealed design of the motor and battery, which can drain the liquid shut out.
Removable and easy to clean: the inner clear sleeve is made of soft TPE and is body friendly for long hours of "fun". There is a disassembly mark on the indicator light, and the transparent sleeve can be removed and washed with cold or lukewarm water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This amazing Toy has been in my home for about a week now and we have used it everyday its amazing quality is perfect for anytime of the day and the price can't be beat I recommend this toy so much id give it 10 stars if possible

Jerry F

It works really well for hands freethe suction and vibration is really nice. It definitely gets you to the desired destination! Its so good in my opinionthat I recommended this to my friends. Im really happy with it and now its my go to whenever Im in session.

And speaking of final destinationsits pretty easy to clean and put back together when ur done.