Automatic Male Masturbator
Robot Automatic Male Masturbator
Automatic Male Masturbator easy to clean

Auto Male Masturbator Cup with 10 Thrust & Vibration Modes

SKU: A01117

Yoyobana this automatic male masturbator has 10 powerful thrust & vibration modes, 42° constant temperature, and comes with a mobile phone holder design to maximize your sensory stimulation.

10 powerful thrust and vibration modes, push your libido to the limit. The Male Masturbator is a unique thrust vibrating masturbator that maximizes your senses and spreads the stimulation all over your body.

Hands free phone holder, this automatic stroking toy for men's sexual pleasure comes with a phone holder that frees your hands. Spy on the action through the see-through window and find your preferred angle with the adjustable arm. You can even launch your favorite website and it feels like heaven; all you want is to slow down and enjoy more.

42 degrees constant temperature, experience the upgraded version of the thermal pleasure, warm and wrap the penis, more comfortable and realistic! You can feel the warmth, the pulse and the surging.

Premium soft material and USB charging, USB rechargeable provides 1 hour of play time on a single charge. The male masturbator is made of high-quality body-safe silicone that is soft to the touch and stretchy to wrap around your penis. Smooth, like in your partner's wet, warm mouth, exhilarating. Pair with lube to optimize your experience.

Customer Reviews

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Gabriel Alaniz

The warming feature is amazing, and the vibration with the thrust motion bring me to completion every time. The phone holder is a nice cherry topping. Got some good content to watch, makes this extra fun. The sleeve comes out so easily for cleaning. Going to play with this toy some more.


I love it. It feels freaking awesome. I came so many times I lost count... I use it like 5 times a day... I keep cumming back for more.

Better than DIY

This product covers all your bases for sure. With multiple settings for speed and pattern, buzzing, and even a heater. Very little is left to the imagination, and for that there is a phone holder attachment, so you're set for anything. The blue light does stay on while in use, but this product is about having it all not subtlety, and it delivers on that!

christian garcia
This is actually pretty cool.

This toy seemed very gimmicky at first glance with its game controller look and feel. After receiving it though I could tell allot of thought was out into it's design and the build of it doesn't feel cheap at all.The toy itself is made of a sturdy plastic and the motors, are pretty powerful. This thing is packed with plenty of functions with lots of vibration patterns, motor speeds and temperature settings. The handles also can be adjusted forward or backwards for whatever angle feels more comfortable to hold it in.It also came with a really nice phone holder that screws into the top. It holds most phones firmly in place and let's you bend it for any viewing angle. A power type C cord for fast recharging is also really nice, just be aware it doesn't come with its own brick or anything to plug into an outlet.Clean up was pretty simple too as the sleeve itself separates from the device and is easily cleaned with soap and water. Then you can just dry it really well with a towel and put it right back in.For its price, it's actually a really nice toy with lots of bells and whistles.

michael ernest

The vibration is great and the suction is strong. Controls are easy to use. The battery also seems to be lasting very well- you can have some fun with this. Be warned, at first you're going to think you're in the ICU next to someone on a ventilator but you will tune out the sound soon enough. Cleaning has a few steps involved but it's straight forward enough.
Please note - this is not a thrusting toy. You can try but it doesn't really glide because the suction is so strong. So if you need that to finish this might just be a warm-up for you. Although! When the sleeve is completely removed from the machine it does work surprisingly well as an un-powered stroker on it's own.