Egg Vibrators

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Remote Control Egg Vibrators

Egg vibrators are great for vaginal and clitoral stimulation with vibration models. Vibrating ball toys are smooth, egg-shaped sex toys, usually with wired controls or separate remotes.

What are egg vibrators?

They look small, cute, and convenient enough to make the vibrating egg a sex toy that is also a very popular erotic item for many women. Egg vibrators, also known as love eggs or bullet egg vibrators, is a sex toy that stimulates your sensitive points to orgasm through the vibrations produced by the product's built-in motor and other functions.

The range of use of the diving egg:

Do not think that the thrusting egg vibrator can only be used in the vagina. In fact, the vibrator egg can be used in any place on your body such as the ear, chest thigh root, etc., The remote control egg vibrator on the body turns on the vibration switch, as long as you are sensitive enough, you can unlock more different ways to play!

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