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Yoyobana this 4-frequency sucking automatic penis pump with LCD frequency allows you to enjoy masturbating orgasms while working out your sex time! Boost your confidence in sex!

Automatic LCD Penis Pump

Penis enlargement - the rhythmic negative pressure fluctuations make the penis expand, causing the blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum to dilate and blood flow to increase, resulting in a gradual lengthening and erection of the penis. Users can also improve their own psychological conditions and enhance their self-confidence.

Extend erection duration - when mental stress makes it difficult to get an erection, the pressure pump is an essential tool for men. It assists in erection and lengthening of the penis, making it firmer and more performant.

4 suction intensities - the pump has 4 pressure levels to gradually train the erection function of the penis. Beginners can start from setting 1, do not use the strongest negative pressure directly.

Penis Enlarger

Experience the benefits of our innovative penis enhancer enlargement device, which is designed to enhance blood flow and gradually lengthen your penis. Boost your confidence and mental health

Maintain Strong Erections

Say goodbye to stress-related erection problems with our penis enlargement pressure pump. Experience a firmer, longer-lasting erection that improves your performance


Using guidance - easy operation with 3 buttons. Connect the product correctly according to the user manual first , and then select the pressure setting. When the erection reaches the desired level, the pressure in the cylinder can be released through the VALVE button. Note: If the altitude in your area is higher than 1000 meters, please reset the air pressure to zero before using (after starting the pump, long press the minus key until the initial value is 0 ).

Material & size - the main material of penis enlargement device is Silicone, ABS. Cylinder Size: 20cm / 8“ in length, 20cm / 8“ in circumference. Came with 3 sizes of silicone base rings.

Customer Reviews

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Jazmin Watsica

My husband loves this pump. It's super easy to use with just the touch of a button. You don't have to consistently pump by hand anymore. It hums when you turn it on, but it's a quiet hum. It gets the job done and that's all we wanted. Definitely recommend if you're looking for something quiet and easy to use!

Cary Kuhlman

Great product, already tested works well, surpreendeo me, all right, arrived with 19 days of purchased, recommend, great seller, will make new purchase $, thank you!!!!

Raina Reynolds

"Surprising It's only been 1 week, but so far I am impressed. It is still running on its initial charge and works well. With four vacuum settings it gives me the ability to perform intermittent pumping by just scaling up and down. Hands free, easy to clean, relatively quiet, with two silicone rings for different sized manhoods. A good hint, is when removing the sleeve, just add lubricant to your member, and it slides right off."

Everett Jast

Great toy, first time actually getting one these and I have been pretty please with the performance. No irritations or discomfort, all around great toy.

Marcelina Hansen

It works really good, it gives the size that promise and is friendly with the skin.