Realistic dildos introduction

Realistic dildo from the psychological and physical aspects of the whole, will leave you in a state of satisfaction. All most realistic dildos are designed according to different male reproductive organs, to reflecting every detail as much as possible, in the use of the process will provide you with the same pleasurable and indescribable pleasure as real penetration.

Some high simulation works with prominent texture, exactly replicate the male penis, although it is a fake penis dildo, but in the occasion of an in and out scraping the vaginal wall, more effective stimulation of the G-spot, so as to achieve orgasm.


How to choose?

1, Size and Dimensions

Beginners can first try the small realistic dildo, and then gradually upgrade. Experienced players can choose a dildo with a larger size or a more realistic material according to their preferences and status at the current stage.

2, Material and Hardness

Yoyobana provides types of dildos made of PVC, TPE, silicone, etc. Considering the quality factor, the double layer silicone dildo is the highest quality option and the experience is unparalleled

3, Manual and Electric

Manual dildos do not contain any electronic devices, can be used in the water at will.

Electric vibrating dildo is installed in the internal motor device, there will be vibration, stretching, rotation and other functions, so you can more easily achieve the effect you want.

Realistic Dildos

The realistic dildo is carefully crafted to look and feel like a real penis, with irritating bulging veins leading you to greater pleasure. Choose a super realistic dildo for your "private room" with both manual and automatic options!