Is it Harmful to Use Sex Toys Frequently?

Is it harmful to use sex toys frequently?

Sexual addiction is a very private, sensitive and real fact. Someone will take reasonable methods, such as consulting a sexual expert or doctor, to avoid harmful behavior. Someone get their sex requirement by using sex toys. So the topic we are discussing today is whether the regular use of sex toys will have an impac

Firstly, clarify what the body's response means “impact”?

If you really spend a lot of time and energy on your sex requirement, it will obviously affect your normal work/life. Moreover, after masturbation, back pain, local discomfort, and swelling of the lower abdomen frequently occur, and the whole body has symptoms such as sleepiness and fatigue. At the same time, it also produces negative emotions such as guilt and self-blame. Then these are bad effects for your body.

At this level, the "frequently" means that the frequency is too high, because it affects your normal life conditions, and you need to reduce the frequency and strengthen your physical exercise. We recommend that you follow your doctor's instructions and arrange the frequency of using sex toys reasonably according to your age and physical condition.

If you feel refreshed and relaxed after maturbate with sex toys, and you will do things in a more focused state, then this "often" is within the normal range and will not affect your physical and mental health.

According to relevant news reports, proper and scientific masturbation does not cause any harm. On the contrary, there are many benefits to the body. For example, when women use sex toys to masturbate, they will make their uterus contract rhythmically and stimulate vaginal glands, which will prevent cervical cancer and other diseases Wait for it to happen.


Secondly, in addition to the out-of-control frequency of use, what other potential behaviors can also be harmful to the body

1. Sex toys are not clean and hygienic before and after use

Sex toys will directly touch the most sensitive parts of our body, so when using sex toys, you must ensure that the sex toys are in a clean and hygienic status, otherwise bacteria will be brought into your body through sex toys, which will cause inflammation and other symptoms and harm your body influential.

Solution: Before and after each use of sex toys, the toys should be thoroughly cleaned. Try not to share your own sex toys with others, as it is easy to infect bacteria from each other. For example, people who are allergic to silica gel can wear condoms when using sex toys made of silica gel to avoid direct contact between the body and sex toys.

2. The material is unhealthy, even harmful

When buying sex toys, some people will be attracted for cheap or novelty and ignore its production materials. Products made of inferior materials are not only of poor quality, but also more prone to dirt and dirt, which is also harmful to your health and hygiene.

It is strongly recommended that you do not choose products without any safety certification for cheap, and you must choose sex toys made of high-quality materials that meet the requirements. Regarding the frequency of using sex toys, it is necessary to scientifically regulate the use according to the physical reaction after each use.


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