Yoyobana Anal Training Silicone Butt Plug Set
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Butt Plug Set
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Yoyobana Anal Training Silicone Butt Plug Set

SKU: B060402

All aboard the Anal Express! You'll be well on your way to backdoor bliss with the Yoyobana Anal Training Kit. Three butt plugs of different sizes ranging from small to large help to incrementally warm up the rear end - a key move for making anal play as pleasurable as possible.

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Each plug is made from smooth silicone, has a flared base and a round, tapered tip for easy, safe insertion and comfortable wear. Start small for low-key stimulation of your backdoor's nerves, and work your way up to the largest size for an even more filling sensation.

Choose your favorite and stick to it or explore different sizes during play before moving on to a larger toy or penis if you're up for it. Whatever you do, be sure to lather your toy up with lots of water-based anal lubricant.


Essential Info
Allergens: Latex-Free , Phthalate-FreeWaterproof: Submersible
How it Measures Up
Small Butt Plug
Vital stats: 1.9 insertable inches, 1.5-inch circumference
Medium Butt Plug
Vital stats: 2.5 insertable inches, 2-inch circumference
Large Butt Plug
Vital stats: 3 insertable inches, 2.5-inch circumference
Vibrating Butt Plug
Vital stats: 3 insertable inches, 2.5-inch circumference
How it Feels
Flexibility: FirmMaterial: Silicone

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tillman Harber

These plugs are amazing. A little lube and some teasing and they go right in. The cold metal and weight of the plugs feels so so good. If you are dedicated enough and work your way up to the big plug you won't regret it. It gaps you and leaves your hole wide open for any dildo or other toy. I 100% recommend these plugs. They just feel so good!!

Reuben Corwin

Bought for my wife who is a sex therapist. She said NO way and they sit on her desk as a paper weight. Says I need therapy.
They seem like a good product but they aren’t going in me.

Ted Kshlerin

These are soooo cute! The small one is extra small. So adorable! Lol. So, good for beginners! I actually expected the smallest one in the set to be more like the size of the largest one. Even the largest one is barely larger than my thumb. Pretty sure anyone could handle these… Each plug comes wrapped in protective wrapping and in it’s own little draw string bag. So nice! Plus, the whole set is sealed in a ziplock bag you have to cut open. Very nice set! I’m impressed! I can’t wait to see how pretty they look when they’re actually inserted!… The seller even threw in a free textured penis sleeve... I recommend this product. For the money, you can’t beat ‘em!… I’m sure you’ll find something else to beat though. 😏

Cordia King

I skip those smallest one. went straight to big, i wish it was wider. But feeling is amazing.
will keep small once for wife

Lessie Brakus

Wife loves the little one but the biggest one is definitely to big if you’re not used to that.