Spiral Anal Plug
4.92" Spiral Anal Plug

Yoyobana 4.92" Spiral Anal Plug for Sex Machine

SKU: B0527

The screw-stabilizing 4.92" anal plug is used in a sex machine. The drill-like shape is a little deeper, and the friction of the thread stirs the fire in your heart.

Spiral Anal Plug Size

➤ Compatible with all premium sex machines in our store.
➤ High Quality Material: Made of Food Grade Silicone, Durable, Firm and Flexible, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Body Safe
➤ Non-porous material, easy to clean: use toy cleaner or mild soap and warm water, let it completely clean and air dry before storing

packing list:
1 x anal plug

1 * Before playing with dildo, you should use some lube (preferably with a condom)
2 * Please do not use silicone lube, it may damage it
3 * Please air dry after cleaning and store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
4 * Never put PVC toys with silicone dildos, they will react chemically and damage

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