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Male Masturbator Cup
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Transparent Male Masturbator Cup

Automatic Sucking Telescopic Rotating Transparent Male Masturbator Cup


Do you want to see your own lovemaking process? This transparent male masturbator cup can satisfy your psychology. You can clearly see the process of pulling and plugging your penis!

Color: Black


Powerful Stimulation With Thrusting

Unlike other male masturbators that only have a single function, our male sex toy has 3-in-1 powerful triple stimulation functions.
It can activate 11 rotation and 5 sucking settings at the same time, allowing you to enjoy a more enjoyable massage. This sex toy for men is sure to take your satisfaction to new heights.

Control the Spinning, Moving, and Speed Freely

Our male sex toys feature a unique rotating turntable design not found on other male adult toys, allowing you to infinitely adjust all movements and smoothly find your preferred speed.
Adding some lube to this sex toy for men will give you a better experience. Go for it! Choose sex toys for men the first time, and then many more! men's vibrator sex toy for men

Adult Toys for Men with Visible Action

Unlike other male sex toys or male vibrators, this male sex toy features a transparent male masturbation cup and inner sleeve design with a thick and fluffy textured inlet that other rotating male masturbators do not have, allowing you to experience a better 360° pack.

Basic Specifications

The soft inner sleeve has a unique texture to simulate real and lets the man get more enjoyment out of masturbation while training his cock to last longer during penetration. Yoyobana outer cup is durable and simple for your discretion.

Yoyobana the transparent design of the airplane cup allows you to clearly see the dick pulling and inserting process, giving you more visual stimulation

Just pull out the sleeve with running water. 100% cautious, we have unmarked packaging, confidential delivery, and leave no sensitive words.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This thing is great. It can be deceiving, takes a while to get you there, which makes the resulting orgasm much more intense and powerful! Then if you can handle it, let it keep going and again, and again, exhausting. Even with a active partner sex life, You will be surprised how much you will look forward to this gem. Best toy I have ever purchased. Worth every cent! Easy to clean!


This is my first automated type toy and to be honest, I was a little skeptical. After unwrapping it from its very secure packaging, giving it a quick wash, I was ready to go. WoW! When I got to actually using this product, it was amazing! The fingers on the inside were magic! I would highly recommend this toy for anyone who wants to change things up or just to try something new. It's very easy to take apart and clean, as well as store in a drawer as well for future use.


For my first toy, not a bad choice. Many modes to choose from, easy to use/clean, would recommend if asked.


Toy was bigger than I thought it would be! My partner and I were both surprised. There's 3 buttons, so it's pretty straight forward to use. I had a fun first session with the toy and the toy did what it was supposed to do for an edger like me; my partner was amazed seeing how huge my loads were. The toy has good suction and stimulation to help me build my stamina as a bator.


Wasn’t sure what to expect. Exceeded my expectation’s by far. Only issue I have is the short depth. A little longer would be fantastic but not complaining. No more sandwich bag between the couch cushion lol.