Prostate Thruster with Dual Motor
Dual Motor Prostate Thruster
Prostate Thruster Waterproof
8 Frequency Prostate Thruster with Dual Motor

Remote Control 8 Vibrating Modes Prostate Thruster with Dual Motor

SKU: A0608

Want a unique anal vibrator toy? Designed with dual motors like a blooming mango, Yoyobana's shocking anal sex toy has 8 vibration models and 8 click combinations, powerful dual motors for intense orgasms!

8 Frequency Anal Vibrator Toy

8 vibrations & 8 electric shock combine - the 8 vibration modes and 8 electric modes of this anal vibrator combine for an intense orgasm. Special electric shock pulse function will bring thrilling sensations. Choose the most suitable intensity to enjoy uninterrupted peak pleasure.

Powerful dual motors - very quiet but powerful dual motors of this vibrating anal plug provide you with super strong vibrations and electric shocks. Rechargeable large campacity Li-battery makes it last over 2.5 hours. You can fully and completely immerse yourself in the wildest fantasies.

Ergonomic design - this vibrator is easy to target the sensitive spots with its unique Anchor-shaped design. And it's completely wearable and suitable for both men and women. You can use it as prostate vibrator, male vibrator,anal dildo vibrator or classical G spot vibrator.

"Y" Shaped Vibrator for Anal Expansion & Training

Squeeze the bifurcated ends together and slide the vibrator in. Then let the dilator satisfy you! plug vibrators are primarily designed to dilate and stimulate the anus. Remember to use lube oil for comfort and safety. With its unique anchor design, this prostate vibrator is easy to target sensitive spots. You can use it as a prostate vibrator, male vibrator, anal dildo vibrator, or anal beads.

Enjoy Safe Electric Shocking Anal Plug Sex Toy

Anal sex toys are made with safety in mind and will give you comfort and pleasure. This anal sex toy comes with 8 different shock modes. The electric shock pulse function unique to toys will bring a thrilling sensation. This male e-stim product stimulates prostate orgasm. Shocking toys will make your toes curl and your legs tremble, giving you a special experience.


Perfect size & safe silicone - the 1.34in closed head and safe soft flexible silicone provide you with extremely comfortable insertion. The opening head is approx 2.44in which will fill your anus to bring full anal expansion. Just clean it with water after use since it's waterproof.

Wireless remote control - the remote control distance is 32ft maximum. It's more conveniently to adjust the vibration modes and electric modes separately. No touching the main body when playing with partner. Note: Only when Product Switch is on,you can use the remote control to control the product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eino Kuhic

I haven't used a plug of this style before. It was a nice change! It is a little tricky to get in, but when it's in, it'll stay exactly where you need it.

Vibrations were strong, but not overwhelming, more soothing than anything.

Chandler Greenfelder

Plug is not massive- good for entry level users. The vibration is similar to most ther vibration plugs. The shock function is fairly impressive, hard to hold until the hand but feels like tapping/thumping when inserted. Shock level is intense but manageable.

Cody Sipes

The vibrator creates a very unique experience but the addition of the electro shock it really intensifies the pleasure. It can be felt very strong in certain modes, it really will create pleasure depending on each tolerance to pain.
Very good toy.