Prostate Training Kit For Long
Yoyobana Prostate Training Kit

Prostate Training Kit For Long-Term Wear

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Yoyobana this prostate training kit is suitable for both men and women and is perfect for beginners of anal toys. 3 sizes for a step-by-step experience!

Prostate Training Kit

The trainer set comes with 3 butt plugs. Start with the small, beginner-friendly plug to wet your whistle for backdoor play. Then move on to the medium plug to challenge your rear with a longer and thicker shaft. And then graduate to the large plug to push your backdoor limits to the max! After conquering the large plug, you can move on to even bigger backdoor toys as well as other forms of anal stimulation like prostate play or anal sex.

This smooth, flexible butt plug training set is ergonomically designed to fit your natural internal shape perfectly, each plug has a clever curve in the shaft to allow it to massage all your favorite erogenous zones. If you are male, butt plugs can stimulate prostate, and if you are female, plugs can create incredibly pleasurable pressure on the back vaginal wall. Build up your anal comfort level and backdoor expertise with this beginner-friendly butt plug trainer set!


Completely waterproof

We recommend using a water-based lube for a better experience, which is easy to clean with soap and water after use.
Anal plugs have a sleek design that can be comfortably used for hours of anal training. The flared base provides a quick stretch, and you can use these perfect gay sex toys while sliding on the office, car, or dating app without worry!
Plugs are extremely stimulating, and you can use their size and shape to stimulate your vagina or anus for a whole new sexual experience.

Hours of comfort

Our anal plug set satisfies everyone – singles, couples, men and women. Sturdy and flexible anal toys are perfect for beginners.
With the G-spot stimulation provided by our anal plug training kit, both men and women can quickly reach prostate massage-induced orgasms.


All 3 anal plugs are made from 100% silicone, an anal-friendly material that’s non-porous, latex & phthalate-free and safe for most people with chemical sensitivities. Smooth silicone feels soft to the touch but firm enough to give you a delicious feeling of fullness. Meanwhile, it is easily cleaned with soap and water, boiling or the dishwasher.

The butt plugs come with a curved base that fits smoothly and comfortably between your cheeks. This allows you to wear the plugs for extended periods of time whether you’re doing chores around the house, wandering around public or having sex. Flared T-bar base prevents unwanted travel and stimulates your perineum during wear for double the pleasure heaven.

Customer Reviews

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Jonas Ziemann

Perfect little kit for any beginner. Starting from pinky length and with to 2 finger with palm to tip of middle finger length.Package came in amazon package, product was sealed inside a box so no concern someone feeling up the bag trying to figure out whats inside.Inside the box was the sealed kit in a reusable baggy like the ones bad dragons uses just smaller.Add some lube (not included) easy insertion at small/medium, the larger is perfect for me in comfort and pushing the right spot for me.Im able to walk around my apartment sit down stand up lean over without worrying about it popping out lol.Thorough clean after use under running hot water and toy cleaner does the job. Dry and tuck it away for next time

Elton Bins

It is soft and easy to wear. The shape of this plug would hit the right spot easily with a vibrator you will have fun. But The long term wear, especially sitting for long time, the tip will push on the side of your colon and may block blood flow. And will feel sore on back(sign of poor blood flow) for like half an hour later, have to remove it. For long term wear get a straight shape one. Overall it is quite entertaining, would recommend it.

Dovie Blick

These would be great for a beginner. I will likely only keep the largest. I can wear it all day and it stays put. Squeeze it and you can feel it push your prostate. Wash well with soap and you will have no issues with smell.

Kenna Howe

The first day I got trained to take in both. the biggest one is so big that it will take some time to get it in. overall a good product for beginners.