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Prostate Stimulator for Male With 10 Vibration Modes

SKU: A0613

If you've been trying to find just the right prostate massager, look no further than this one, wireless remote plus 10 vibration, telescoping functions to find the perfect angle and enjoy.

Prostate Stimulator With Vibration & Retractable

If you've been struggling to find a just-right prostate massager, look no further than this, a P-spot delighter with wireless remote control. Find the perfect angle, then explore 10 vibrating, telescoping functions and enjoy.

This prostate stimulator is ergonomically designed, with one sending rumbling vibrations deep into your prostate, while the other ends engage the sensitive external nerve endings in your perineum for an exciting blend of stimulation.


Enjoy on your own, during sex or in the bath or shower - it's shapely, waterproof design gives you freedom to experiment however you please.

Always add a generous helping of water-based anal sex lube to your toy before you begin.

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Jan Hilll

What can I say. Stuff in the bum for me has always felt great. How could anyone improve on great right? Then I tried this fantastic contraption and I realized that there are magnitudes of additional pleasure to be had beyond what I ever had thought possible. I don't want to spoil all the surprise. Just trust me, grab one of these and you WILL luuuvvv it!!!