Prostate Massager With Remote
Prostate Massager  Waterproof
Prostate Massager With Strong Suction Cup
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Prostate Massager With Strong Suction Cup

SKU: A0604

2 in 1 erotic experience for anal and vaginal use as a dildo or prostate massager. With wireless remote control, you can unlock two-person fun play at any time and a variety of modes allow you to play freely and reach a climax quickly!

10 Frequency Prostate Massager

10 vibrating * 4 wriggle modes: when you use wriggle mode, you will feel the grind of a tireless and experienced partner, which is perfect for G-spot or P-spot gaming. Vibration mode massages the prostate, clit, nipples, and vaginal area. There are 10*4 modes to choose from, making the vibrator adult sensory toys an ideal choice for both beginners and advanced users.

Remote control and rechargeable: use the adult sex toys’ remote control to unlock more ways of play. And the rechargeable battery means you can reuse the adult toys without worry of running out of power. The male sex toys’ battery charges in 2.5 hours and lasts 1 hour.

10 Vibrating * 4 Wave Modes

When you use the wave sports mode, you will feel the grinding of a tireless and experienced partner, perfect for G or P honey dot or P spot games. The vibration mode massages the prostate, , and vaginal areas.

Remote Control and Rechargeable

Use the remote control of toys to unlock more ways to play. The rechargeable battery means you can reuse adult toys without worrying about running out of power. The battery of a male sex toy is charged in 1 hour and lasts for 1 hour.

Due to the sex toy's seamless silicone surface, toys are 100% waterproof and have an IPX7 rating. Simply wet the suction cups to make sure the stick securely to the table or wall, so you can play in the shower with your hands free!

Private Package

Concealed packaging protects your privacy. No one will know what's in the box, and adult sensory toys are also great gifts for yourself or friends. In addition, this prostate massager operates at a noise level of less than 60 decibels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gudrun Lindgren

Very smooth and sleek design! The vibration is mainly right at the top where it needs to be! The "wave" function is pretty dang awesome! Never knew that would be as good as it is until you experience it! Feels great! It is bigger than I originally thought, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is pretty rigid, doesn't have much play, only at the very top is there any give. The suction cup does not work well dry, it is necessary to wet it, then it works great! The remote is an added bonus! Comes in a nice box and discreet shipping. Would recommend.

Newton Erdman

It has a strong vibration and many different preprogrammed modes to switch and play with, it also has a very unique wriggle mode that just adds to the pleasure that also has different intensity's to choose from
So far this product does not disappoint.