Extreme Powerful Sex Machine with 200-watt Servo Motor

Extreme Powerful Sex Machine with 200-watt Servo Motor

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Incredible 200 watt servo motor. Strong penetrating power, high response, high precision positioning. Monster big dildos are easy to handle, ass, ass and pussy fisting are easy. Easily control stroke depth, stroke speed and pattern with the controller. There are no thumbscrews or manual adjustments.

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Fast and powerful fucking machine with multiple adjustable angles from horizontal to vertical, allowing users to adapt to love positions over a wide range of thrust angles.
0.6 to 6" thrust strokes ranging from 1200 to 120 strokes per minute. The wired controller easily manages thrust depth, thrust speed and mode, and the wireless remote makes things more fun! In addition to managing depth, speed and patterns, the remote can also control sexual patterns like vibration, nine shallow thrusts, and then a deep thrust.
With just one thrust shaft or two, three or four at the same time, turn this unit into a single, DP or duplex machine for couple games, anal sex, vaginal sex or exciting double penetration.


Your thrusting dildo can be easily adjusted from -45° to 60° to let you explore all your favorite sex positions. The steady back-and-forth thrusting at speeds up to a mind-expanding 280 strokes per minute will provide explosive and lasting orgasms.


A complementary second shaft is easily attached to bring couples of all genders and orientations together in ecstasy.


This hand-free sex machine's 70W turbine motor generates forceful penetration many times stronger than competitors' for the most intense sexual satisfaction. Whisper-silent operation and noiseless guide rails let you keep your fun secret all to yourself.


Electrical Input: 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz, work anywhere in the world.
Assembled Weight: approx. 10 kg (22.1 lbs), more stability.
Material: 6061 & 7075 aluminum alloys, high-quality.
Motor Type: 200-watt servo motor, powerful, high-response and high-precision positioning.
Motor Torque: 350N.cm.
Stroke Depth: 0.6 – 6 inches (1.5 – 15 cm).
Stroke Speed: approx. 0 – 1200 strokes per minute (0.6” Stroke Depth) / 0 – 120 strokes per minute (6” Stroke Depth), Stroke Speed and Stroke Depth are inversely proportional.
Noise Level: 30 – 50 dB, noise increases with Stroke Speed.

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Customer Reviews

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The device is exactly as advertised. It is very carefully packed in foam inside the nylon carrying bag. Every piece inside is further protected by shrink wrap. The device is very easy to assemble. The device works incredibly well and is amazingly adjustable for a variety of pleasurable activities. The remote control works perfectly. If only men came with remote controls. Am very pleased with my purchase.

Kaya Çetinsü

Putting this together was fairly fast, the charger does not seem grounded to plug in after all wiring, so watch out for sparks. But yeah... The machine is great, gave it a name already... 10/10 would invite Terminator in again.


This is a great machine that we have used a few times now and love. Comes with a handy carrying case with room for a few accessories.


I love this thing. Takes some practice. But will blow your mind regularly.


I purchased this machine to allow my hands to be free during foreplay and to promote a healthy sex life for the wife and I. This machine is very well built, sturdy, and very quiet. The wife and I don't worry if the kids can hear it; it's that quiet.