Gourd Anal Plug Sex Gun Machine Parts flesh
Gourd Anal Plug Sex Gun Machine Parts Black
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Yoyobana Gourd Anal Plug for Sex Machine

SKU: B050402

Color: Flesh


Yoyobana's serial bead anal plug is suitable for all sex machines in our store, and it stimulates your sensitive points layer by layer, allowing you to have more orgasm pleasure.

Gourd Anal Plug Gun Machine Parts Size

➤ Compatible with all premium sex machines in our store.
➤ High Quality Material: Made of Food Grade Silicone, Durable, Firm and Flexible, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Body Safe
➤ Non-porous material, easy to clean: use toy cleaner or mild soap and warm water, let it completely clean and air dry before storing

1 * Before playing, you should use some lubricant (preferably with a condom)
2 * Please do not use silicone lube, it may damage the dildo
3 * Please air dry after cleaning and store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
4* Never put PVC toys with butt plugs, they will react chemically and damage

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