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革新的なデュアル刺激バット プラグからの新たな肛門の活性化である Yoyobana は、回転する「リミング」ベースからおいしい振動チップまで、純粋な喜びをもたらします。 共有プレイ用のリモート操作で、すべてのカップルに適しています。



アレルゲン: ラテックスフリー、フタル酸フリー特徴: フレアベース、充電式、リモート制御防水: 防滴
電源の種類: 充電式実行時間: 90 分振動速度: 速度とパターン
円周: 7.2 インチ挿入可能長さ: 3.23 インチ長さ: 2.84 インチ
柔軟性: しっかりした素材: シリコン


ベルベットのように柔らかいシリコン ケーシングの下にある太いネックには、5 つの強度で回転するビーズの列があり、渦巻く舌の心地よい感覚を模倣しています。 穂先の強力なモーターが5段階6パターンで振動し、螺旋状の刺激を増幅させ、シートを食いしばるエクスタシーへと導きます。

リモコンで簡単に設定を変更して、1 人で簡単に使用したり、最大 9.1 メートル離れた場所から恋人にお尻をチクチクさせたりできます。 または、バットプラグのベースに設定された目立たないボタンを使用して、速度とパターンを切り替えます。


Customer Reviews

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Sunny Stroman

I just received it today and as soon as I got the whole house to myself I decided to give it a go. Now, mind you this is my first time using a sex toy. I was always curious of getting vibrators for anal stimulation but always shy away. So as soon as I ordered this it was time to try it out. I lubed it up with some water-based lube and I’m he goes… carefully! slowly and surely until I reached the base and until the tip reached my prostrate… I turned on the button and it began to vibrate and I decided to play until I found the perfect one for myself. The sensation got intense when I started squeezing my butt and it really gave me an intense feeling of ecstasy and orgasms.. while I was pleasuring myself in the front, it only took a matter of minutes before I cummed…. The feeling was great. I definitely recommend this to the guys. You will love it! ❤️❤️❤️

Estrella Greenholt

I want to thank the wonderful seller for his professarialism, kindness.
Communication is good, answered questions quickly.
If you need information or help, the seller is ready to help.
Received the parcel, packed well, each unit of goods packed in a zip package + wrapped with paralon, reached without damage, the quality of the goods is excellent, looks like a photo.
I am happy and happy to buy more.
I recommend this store and seller to everyone.
Thank you good sales to you.

Kaelyn Morar

This is good for beginners, however if you haven't emptied your bowels completely beforehand, prepare for a bit of poop. Not for people whom are squeamish in that respect. Washes easily, and needs frequent battery changes so one star off for that.