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黄色 5 頻度自動吸引男性オナニー カップ

SKU: A01106

この男性のマスターベーション カップには 5 つの吸引モードがあり、敏感な陰茎は常に血を吸っているため、時々震えたり、感電したりします。

黄色の自動男性オナニー カップ

Yoyobana 黄色の男性のマスターベーション カップには 5 つの吸引モードがあり、敏感な陰茎は絶えず血を吸っており、時々震えたり感電したりします。

ハンズフリーの男性用オナホール スリーブは本物の女性の膣に似ています。リアルで柔らかく、顆粒でいっぱいです。また、内部の多層スパイラル プリーツが摩擦の喜びを与え、オーガズムの刺激を高めます。あなたは本当の女の子とセックスしたいと思っています。

Strong 5 Vibration mode

Our electric male masturbator has 5 thrust and 5 rotation modes, allowing you to find the right rhythm based on your mood and sensitivity. The combination of movement and rotation brings a wonderful sensory experience.

First Separate Thrusting & Rotating Automatic Male Masturbator

*Five thrust modes * allow you to experience the thrill of stretching, just like the feeling of thrust during sex, which is more realistic than the rotation mode.
*5 rotation modes * Just like a tornado spinning every inch of your penis, providing stronger stimulation to your glans than thrust mode


膣は非常に柔らかく高品質の体に安全なTPE素材でできており、柔らかく肌に優しい感触と安全な品質保証を備えています。 特殊な凸粒子を内蔵し、適度な摩擦が快感を高めます。

流水でスリーブを引き抜くだけ。 100% 用心深く、マークのないパッケージ、秘密の配送、機密性の高い言葉を残しません。

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

This device is unbelievable. It works really well and feels amazing! I think anyone who uses it will not be disappointed. One way of getting the best use of your lube is to use a small amount of water on your member after the initial sliperyness has worn off.


I have bought a few other male masturbator cups from other competitors, but this is by far the best one I have tried so far. From my experience with these types of toys, they often break down or there is something wrong within the first week after moderate use, but this one has yet to cause me any issues. The sound isn't very loud and I am able to use it discreetly as long as I have some white noise in the background. 5/5 would recommend for its price


OMG - I bought this just to check it out and I was blown away. I have another one from the same company and it is way less powerful than this one - this one legit made my toes curl within a minute. It is various speeds and motions but the turbo button at the top makes this thing into a pleasure powerhouse.


The whole masturbator has blown me away Vibrator scale in loudness 1. quiet. so quiet I tested it and couldn隆炉t hear it through my half Inch thick run of the mill door 2 louder, maybe little bit of humming from door if it隆炉s very dead quiet and proximity is closer than 7 feet( door in between) 3 a bit louder than that one, pulsing which I don隆炉t use so no issue 4 and 5 quiet 6, you hope everyone is asleep

Trevor Wallace

Awesome toy. This masturbator is one of its kind. The sucking mechanism is unique and very powerful. I had couple other masturbator, including Doc Johnson, Tenga. But none of them give this unique experience. This is the best of all I have had. You might have other favorite, preference is very personal. But this surely will give you a special sensation by combining suctions and vibrations, with the warmth and the softness all at the same time. The only thing I regret is that I didn't grab the upgraded version. With app control, this toy will be way more fun and flexible to play with. Imagine your partner have the control while you are on VR, LOL. Coming on just vibe mode. Or handfree and let it sucks. There are lot of ways to have fun with this. Recommended.