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当社の他の男性陰茎真空ポンプ演習と同様に、この Yoyobana この陰茎ポンプは手動を使用して陰茎への圧力を高めます。 透明なデザインで陰茎が大きくなり、ゲージでどれだけの圧力をかけているかがわかります。 ハンドコントロール! 余暇に使用するための非常に優れたペニストレーナー。


これは、非常に使いやすく、男性のサイズを大きくするのに役立つプレミアムペニスポンプです. 柔らかく伸縮性のあるゼリーの開口部と、陰茎の成長を測定できる非常に長い真空管が特徴です。

ポンプハンドルは片手で使用できるように設計されています。 手のひらのカーブをつかみ、指で引き上げるだけで吸引が始まります。



読みやすい圧力計により、圧力を追跡できます。 満タンになったらすぐに、プッシュボタンのリリースバルブを押すと、空気が安全かつ簡単に分散されます。


Customer Reviews

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Fausto Gottlieb

This cock pump is just okay I’d say. But for the lower price you get what you pay for. It’s sturdy enough just don’t drop it from heights or step on it because it will break. The sucking device/pump is ergonomic and comfortable but cheap so the suction could always be improved. However this does exactly what you want it to do. Cleaning is a little hard because of the design but it’s not to bad. Definitely a plus if your already thicker down there there is more room to grow so to speak. Overall four stars.

May Conroy

GO SLOW. IT WORKS, VERY WELL. So normally, I’m a good 7”... add some lube, and a few pumps and this thing got me to 8” in a hurry. Girth probably increased but no way to tell. Veins popped like you wouldn’t believe. Didn’t even have to try too hard and it actually got me off. Super happy with it. Then, a few hours later, I notice a bunch of burst blood vessels, making my member look like it has red polka dots all over. Obviously went too hard too fast. Very happy with initial results, just not the after effects.... my own fault. If you ever wondered if these work: they do. Not permanent solution, but absolutely helps in the short term. Fun new toy.

Vena Gerlach

I've used other vacuum pumps of lower cost that didn't have the power this item has. The pump handle is great improvement over bulb type pumps. The quality of the item very good, worth the cost. I don't really pay much attention to gauge, I pump till I'm satisfied with the amount of suction. I've only have 2 minor issues with pump #1 is the length of shaft it's only 8 1/2 in. long, wish it was an inch or 2 longer. #2 is the diameter of the shaft it's 2 3/8 in. across, could use another 1/4 - 3/8 inches in width.

Isabelle Mitchell

The product was packaged very well. I've used it every day for a week now and it works great. The suction power is very strong, so be careful not to overdo it when you first start. I use the masturbation sleeve the most. It provides a very strong seal and I can use it for pleasure after I pump.