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Male Device Cup Soft Material & Waterproof
Male Device Cup Magnetic USB Portable Recharge


SKU: A0181

さまざまな種類の吸引を経験したことがありますか? この男性用デバイス カップ 5 モードの強力な振動により、敏感な陰茎は完全に吸引されて震えます。


男性デバイスカップには5つの異なる振動モードがあり、退屈なシングルモードを取り除き、さまざまな可能性を提供します。 絶え間ない振動で、オナニーの新次元をしばらく感じることができます。

ハンズフリーの男性用オナホール スリーブは本物の女性の膣に似ています。リアルで柔らかく、顆粒でいっぱいです。また、内部の多層スパイラル プリーツが摩擦の喜びを与え、オーガズムの刺激を高めます。あなたは本当の女の子とセックスしたいと思っています。

5 Intense Sucking Modes

This masturbator has a powerful automatic vacuum suction function. The inner sleeve of the aircraft cup is retractable, and the white airbag at the top clamps your penis, providing you with dual suction.

User-Friendly One-handed Operation

Our automatic penile vibrator elevates men's pleasure to a new level! It is designed specifically for one handed use, enhancing your sense of self entertainment. The oral sex machine is equipped with a handle that is easy to grip and use with one hand.


膣は非常に柔らかく高品質の体に安全なTPE素材でできており、柔らかく肌に優しい感触と安全な品質保証を備えています。 特殊な凸粒子を内蔵し、適度な摩擦が快感を高めます。

流水でスリーブを引き抜くだけ。 100% 用心深く、マークのないパッケージ、秘密の配送、機密性の高い言葉を残しません。

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

So this is my first time trying a sex toy of this kind and boy I wasn't disappointed...after fooling around with the settings I found a nice balance and really enjoyed myself....after a while though my curiosity got the best of me and turned the suction all the way up....I do believe my soul was sucked out one of the best O I don't had in a long time definitely 10/10 clean up is simple and easy ....I do recommend having lube on deck they do send some with the toy but it's not enough for me at least .


Just get it... Dont even think about it. This thing is a must have. It does things i haven't felt before. Just let it do its job and you will be in heaven. Once this thing has gets a hold of you it will not let go. Unless it wants to only to suck u back in again. This thing is awesome. Only thing that could make it better is a bag to store it in.

Julian Alcantar

This is one of the better male toys that I’ve tried It features multiple vibration modes, different speeds and varying patterns, all different enough so that anyone can find something that they like The best feature of this particular toy is the silicone sleeve. It is extremely soft and inside are several different textures to help stimulate you as you move it back and forth. Being a bit larger meant that I bottomed out, but it also meant that I can experience all of the wonderful textures inside the sleeve. This is also one of the first sleeves I’ve tried that stretch open far enough to accommodate anyone, regardless of size. Make sure to use plenty of water-based lube to get yourself in the entire way, and if you are wider, try to find a way to let the air escape, or else you aren't going to get the whole way inside the toy. It is also very easy to clean. Just remove the silicone sleeve from the housing and wash with a mild soap and warm water. Let it dry completely and put the insert back in the housing. Make sure to line the vibrator in the housing up with the slot in the sleeve. Overall, I highly recommend this toy for anyone who wanted to have a great time, whether it’s solo play or playing with a partner. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.