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ルルカップ 10周波振動 ダブルパス ペニストレーニング オナホール

SKU: A018601

10 の強力な振動と柔らかい素材で、このオナホールには 10 の異なる振動モードがあり、あらゆる種類のオーガズムの喜びをもたらします。 そのたまらない気持ちを切望していますか? 代々花ルルカップでオーガズム天国へ。

色: 白い



10 の強力な振動と柔らかい素材で、このオナホールには 10 の異なる振動モードがあり、あらゆる種類のオーガズムの喜びをもたらします。 そのたまらない気持ちを切望していますか? 代々花ルルカップでオーガズム天国へ。


Dynamic 10 Vibrating Modes

This adult toy is equipped with 9 carefully designed vibration modes, and the male masturbator promises to provide unparalleled and novel penis masturbation pleasure.
Its versatility allows men to explore a range of pleasures from gentle teasing to hardcore stimulation. You can quickly release it immediately, or go through a long period of time on the edge until you can't bear the accumulation!

Open-Ended Design & Granule Inner Texture

The open design allows the masturbator to have sufficient versatility and can be used in different ways. Experience a series of stimuli from the penis to the glans!
The 3D raised inner surface design automatically pulls and inserts when you open the aircraft cup, coupled with a vaginal soft inner texture, making you feel like you are in a real vagina.


この大人のおもちゃの取り外し可能なデザインと IPX7 防水等級により、この男性用マスターベーション カップは簡単に掃除できます。 シリコンカバーもケースもぬるま湯で丸洗いできます。

カバーとケースはABS製で、内側のシリコンをしっかりホールドできます。 また、裏地には柔らかく肌に優しいTPEを採用。 間違いなく安全です。

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Product was just as advertised. Worked well and charged good with long running time. I will tell anyone buying this it is a different experience, but a good one. If you are single, or need to supplement a relationship this would be a good investment.

Jason S

This is the first one of these devices I’ve tried, well at least motorized. After getting used to the selections of speed and style I found a few that work really well for me.


It’s an amazing product, and literally gets the job done and gives you great clarity afterwards. Love this and would recommend it to anyone.

Dustin Terrell

My husband is above average and he had no problems using this for its intended use. The suction and vibration of it together was a 4.5 out of 5. The cleaning is where he was concerned but after you take the inside out the 2 little electric pieces came out and went back in very smooth and the entire thing went back together super easy.
Cleaning 5/5
Vibration 3.5/5
Suction 4.5/5