Leten 708 III Automatic Male Premium Masturbator Cup-Blue
Leten 708 III Automatic Telescopic Male Premium Masturbator Cup
Leten 708 III Automatic Male Premium Masturbator Cup-Red
Leten 708 III Male Masturbator
Leten 708 III Male Masturbator Side
Leten 708 III Male Masturbator Botten

Leten 708 III 自動加熱うめき声男性プレミアム マスターベーター カップ

SKU: A0110201

Yoyobana この男性用プレミアム オナホール カップ 10 周波数拡張、10 周波数エアバッグ吸引、プーリー速度調整、音量の増減可能、3 言語、音声拡張可能、イヤホン挿入可能、Bluetooth イヤホン接続可能、チャンネル乾燥、自動加熱。

色: 青い


Leten 708 III 男性用プレミアム マスターベーター カップ

10度展開+10度吸引モード、プーリー速度調整。 Yoyobana の自己プライミング男性オナホールのさまざまな刺激デザインの組み合わせは、超リアルな性的体験を提供します。 ハイブリッドモードでは、真空吸引が嚥下をシミュレートし、振動と推力は喉のギャグのようで、口の動きを鮮やかに再現します。

製品にはスピーカーが内蔵されており、実際の音源を使用しています。 ヘッドフォンを装着して没入感を体験できます。



この男性のマスターベーション カップには 2 つの交換用コアがあり、継続的に使用するのに便利で、お手入れも簡単です。 内槽を分解した後は、きれいな水ですすいでから乾かしてください。

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

So far so good. Multiple functions and easy to clean. I have tried a couple of others and they were not as functional as this. This is pretty quiet also for discretion.

Jonathan Pierce

All in all this stroked works very well it definitely gets the job done and saves your hand. But a few problems I had with was when I was about ready for blast off it kept turning off and all the buttons started flashing. It eventually came back on. And there is not really a good way to start slowing it down once you have started blasting. So it’s like that girlfriend of yours that’s keeps sucking well after you blasted. Lol


This is by far my favorite toy, powerful and it has a replacement inner sleeve .


This thing is the technological singularity of sex toys. The thrust power is great. The suction is strong. The vibration is great. The battery is WAY more than you'll ever need to get the nut out. It's perfect. I never need a real person ever again. Only tiny problem I see is the suction is actually alittle tooo strong, sorta. You'll need to rlly lube it up in order to have it actually slide up and down your shaft instead of it just pulling on it, which to be fair still feels amazing. So that's all rlly. Its 100% worth the price.

Jermone Jackson

This thing, the "Leten" is HUGE. It's much bigger than expected. Usually these toys get a little overwhelmed when I try to go for more than just the tip, but this one took it like a champion. I can't help but be reminded of a particular Italian sports car brand when I look at this device. It has a "Storm Mode" too, and it will take you for a ride so watch out for that.