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Bevibo Auto Sex Machine for Women Masturbation Device


Bevibo自動セックスマシンは、120Wターボモーター内で毎分最大450ストロークを提供します。 <35dB noise even at full speed with new designed structure. Double penetration fucking machines with two original tubes.

有線またはリモートコントロールのセックスマシン、オプション。 慎重なパッケージ、米国の倉庫から出荷。

Style: Wired



120Wモーター、スーパーパワーを提供する300Ncm高出力。 特にアナルセックスの間に、それは完全に安定した力を保証することができます、ジャミングがないか、他の低電力マシンのように働くことを止めます。


クローズドヘビーデューティーサイレントスライドの作業モードでは、最高速度でも、ノイズは35デシベル未満になることが保証されています。 ホテル、屋外、アパート、その他の場所に関係なく、隣人が騒音を聞くことを心配する必要はまったくありません。


クイックリリースハンドルのデザイン、工具不要。 たった12ポンドで、どこにでも持っていく軽量です。


角度を任意に调整する360度。 あなたの恋人の立っている性交が好きかどうか、またはちょうどあなたのセクシーなお尻をコックして、彼の強力なパンチを楽しむかどうか。 セックスを刺激的にします。


100 to 240 volts, 50 to 60Hz, 1.5A

Product weight
aluminum alloy
120W turbo motor
Noise level
35 decibels
Motor type
DC24V high-power turbine motor 
Torque peak value
Telescopic distance
1.18-3.14 inch
Insertion speed
~0-5 times/s speed adjustable
Wireless remote control
300 meters remote control

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Mandy Loi

Well , I debated and did my homework on this one , built very well , very quiet , I suggest getting the
Hismith 30CM Extension Tube for Quick Air... and the
Hismith Sex Machine Spring Attachment ... , yes they are the same quick disconnect for
MHC Premium Automatic Sex... well worth the cash when you think of all the cash you spent on vibrators

Mike Manfredi
Be careful, set the depth to your body, this machine is very powerful.

Love it, absolutely love it, I'm only sorry I didn't get it before buying the cheaper models, the two toys are great. I use it for anal and was a bit nervous to use the big one, but with plenty of lube and setting the depth that's right for my body I use it more than the smaller size.

Ragan Hernandez
And amazing investment in self pleasure

Great quality, very well built, and it came exactly as marketed. I was a little hesitant on spending $400+ on this machine, but on the other hand I’ve already purchased the “cheaper” option ($150 and under) they failed or broke or the motor was too weak. I should have just purchased this one to begin with instead of wasting a total 300+ dollars on the other two units only worked for short period time you can’t lose with this addition to your excitement toys.

David Klugman
Best purchase of the year so far!

Learned there are different adapters and toys that can be attached that vibrate through the hismith website. Overall the suction plate is excellent and I would suggest getting a Kliclock adapter and checking their site! Overall great purchase! Pretty easy and there are YouTube videos to give you a better idea of changing the adapter pieces out

Steven MacDougall
Better than expected

So after a couple uses on some volunteers I have to say the product does a good job. Good torque and speed. Adjustable thrust depth and good attachments comes with the adaptor that switches from air quick connect to XLR which some of the attachments can vary on the type of connector so it's nice to have that. Angles are easy to obtain and if all else fails you can hold it in your arms like a Jack hammer. All parts are sturdy and dont feel flimsy. All in all I can recommend it as a good buy. Also can use Hismith attachments.