Wand Massagers

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What is a Wand Massager?

The Wand Massager, also called the Wand Vibrator, delivers just the right amount of powerful vibration in a classic design. Subtly disguised as a regular back massager, this vibrator sex toy has been around since the early 1900s.

We offer a wide selection of vibrator massagers sure to please everyone.

You can control the intensity of the sensation with different vibration modes and different speed settings. The massage stick for beginners, intermediates and advanced users features a flexible neck that allows the head to flex and flex to fit your body contours, hitting the right spot every time.

The most classic of vibrators, the wand massager has been the sex toy of choice for many women over the years. Whether you're using it for a soothing back massage or sensual pleasure. It can also be used as a clitoral vibrator, and its powerful features make it very popular among women!