Remote Control Inflatable Prostate Stimulator
Inflatable Prostate Stimulator Detail
Inflatable Prostate Stimulator
Prostate Stimulator after Inflatable
Inflatable Prostate Stimulator Detail

Надувной стимулятор простаты с дистанционным управлением

Артикул: A0619

Анальная игрушка Yoyobana сочетает в себе функции массажера простаты, кольца для пениса и анальных бусин. 10-частотный режим вибрации и конструкция кольца блокировки спермы позволяют испытывать больше стимуляции.

Надувной стимулятор простаты - эта анальная игрушка отличается от обычных, она разработана с электрической надувной функцией, после того, как вы поместите ее в анус, вы можете использовать пульт дистанционного управления, чтобы надуть ее, и она будет в вашем теле вибрировать при расширении, постоянно заполняя ваш анус, 10 режимов вибрации точно стимулируют вашу простату, позволяя вам испытать стимуляцию оргазма.

Беспроводной пульт дистанционного управления - дизайн беспроводного пульта дистанционного управления добавлен на основе оригинального продукта, чтобы вы могли освободить руки, или вы и ваш партнер могли лучше флиртовать вместе!

Adjustable Inflation

This anal vibrator allows you to explore extreme anal excitement by quickly inflating by lightly pressing the inflation button and then releasing your hand to stop inflation. It is designed with limited inflatable dimensions for safety.

One-button Deflation

The inflatable butt plug is easy to operate via remote control. Quick deflation with just one click makes this prostate massager convenient and practical.

Ergonomic Design

Высококачественный материал - изготовлен из безопасного и мягкого пищевого силикона, который лучше заботится о вашем здоровье; Секс-игрушки из силиконового материала имеют более длительный срок службы и легко чистятся.

Водонепроницаемый дизайн - водонепроницаемый IPX6, позволяющий разблокировать больше ванных комнат и бассейнов ~

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Carlo Cormier

I wanted a inflating toy for so long, but I was always afraid I would over inflate it.
Well, worry no more!! This bad boy fills up and stops at the same size every time. You can make it smaller, but not bigger. It's a safety reason, and it's perfect for me.
I don't want to worry if I inflated it a bit too much and it will tear something or cause problems. This toy inflates, and makes you feel full. If it went on any more, I would be unsure about continuing use of anything that inflates.
The box came in good shape. With all the foam inside, It could survive multiple footfalls.
It's got the usual headphone-jack style charger. Telling me that this is safe to take into the shower.
I could tell just by rubbing my finger across it, that it is made from thick silicone.
It's definitely the safest inflating toy I have seen.
If you have ever had any apprehension about using a inflatable device, use this one.
It wont make you pop, and it won't leave you disappointed.

Nicolette Herman

From the unboxing I knew it would be a great product, everything inside and outside was sleek. It’s also inconspicuous which is perfect! Once I opened the box, I saw the holy grail. The device is larger than I thought but fits perfectly in your hand and when in use the angle is quite perfect. The array of settings are killer! Definitely rotated through the settings the first time. Some are more intense the others but all great nonetheless. I paired with Adam and Eve lubricant and it went in easily. I must admit I was really intimidated to blow it up but it was easy to gradually make it larger and extremely quick to deflate. I think this is great for beginners and for seasoned play partners. Highly recommend and will be trying out other products from this brand. Also, the fact that it charges and I don’t have to worry about reloading it - hell yeah!