Automatic Male Masturbator
Robot Automatic Male Masturbator
Automatic Male Masturbator easy to clean

Чашка автоматического мужского мастурбатора с 10 режимами тяги и вибрации

Артикул: A01117

Yoyobana, этот автоматический мужской мастурбатор, имеет 10 мощных режимов тяги и вибрации, постоянную температуру 42 ° и поставляется с конструкцией держателя мобильного телефона для максимизации вашей сенсорной стимуляции.

Soft, deep and compact vagina

10 мощных режимов тяги и вибрации, доведите свое либидо до предела. Мужской мастурбатор — это уникальный вибрирующий мастурбатор, который максимизирует ваши чувства и распространяет стимуляцию по всему телу.

Держатель телефона без помощи рук, эта автоматическая игрушка для поглаживания для мужского сексуального удовольствия поставляется с держателем телефона, который освобождает ваши руки. Следите за действием через прозрачное окно и находите нужный угол с помощью регулируемого рычага. Вы даже можете запустить свой любимый веб-сайт, и это будет похоже на рай; все, что вы хотите, это замедлиться и наслаждаться больше.

10 telescopic modes + 10 vibration frequencies

The transparent body structure allows users to see the action of the male stroker through the transparent window and thoroughly explore the situation of the pocket cat swallowing the penis.
10 stretching modes + 10 vibration frequencies allow you to experience powerful masturbation pleasure. Whether you are a novice player or an experienced expert player, you will be conquered by this masturbator.

Built-in heating

The masturbator is heated with an embedded heating plate in the middle, which can dissipate heat up and down, heat up quickly, and better cover the entire vagina, allowing you to experience warm and realistic vaginal intercourse.
Let you enjoy the warm masturbation pleasure in the cold winter.

Removable and easy to clean

42 градуса постоянной температуры, испытайте модернизированную версию теплового удовольствия, согрейте и оберните пенис, более удобный и реалистичный! Вы можете почувствовать тепло, пульс и пульсацию.

Мягкий материал премиум-класса и зарядка через USB, перезаряжаемый через USB, обеспечивают 1 час воспроизведения без подзарядки. Мужской мастурбатор изготовлен из высококачественного безопасного для тела силикона, мягкого на ощупь и эластичного, чтобы обхватить пенис. Гладкий, как во влажном, теплом рту вашего партнера, волнующий. Сочетайте со смазкой, чтобы оптимизировать свой опыт.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Michael Skaretka
Keeps me on the edge

This product is in a category of its own when looking for a stroker. It would probably be the best one available anyway if they included better Heating and suction was introduced to the device. But good Lord what a device. After the first time I use it I started introducing it to my friends as my new girlfriend. I will tell them all the benefits of this girlfriend such as she can't get pregnant and is always in the mood also I can easily get hurt as wet as I want anytime I want. I'm very happy with my purchase. The only thing I would advise is if you have a unit that isn't very thick this probably isn't the toy for you and the company does have one or two other ones that are more than likely a better fit if you check them out. Also if you're a guy that has a unit with more inches than the average guy don't even worry about it because the unit I was given is over 9 in Long and I still enjoy it even though it doesn't quite go all the way down it doesn't matter because even less some real life models attached to humans it's the same thing. I really can't wait for the upgraded model of this to come out if it ever does because I'm hoping to listen to everybody's feedback especially mine about adding the suction I think this would be over the top and I have to have this one here as my girlfriend and the newer model for my wife if that was the case.

Morgan Hutchcraft
This one is cool!

Hold on for the ride! This one has the best strength. I have tried lots of toys and they big down if you push your member in to far. Not this one! It goes and goes and goes.

First let it heat up, give it a good 10 minutes and you will enter the warmth and you will love it. By far the best feature. The vibration is a great background sensation and hold on tight cuz this is the best interactive video game you will play. And did I mention it will run for about 2 hours?!?

Some people have mentioned it is very spacious on the inside. If that’s the case for you then just remove the plastic cover and with your member inserted squeeze the silicone and let some of the air out, it will become suctioned to you and make better contact.

The box is big and might be a little intimidating at first, but trust me, you will get over that real quick. The phone mount is great because once you get this thing going your gonna need both hands to hold on for the ride. Have fun!!

Don’t hesitate. This is by far a great investment. Let the wife drive and lay back she will have as much fun as you being in control of this thing.

Kevin Ruiz
It works!

Well what to say about this, hmm it works and does the job it can be cleaned very easily and the use of it is very simple which is great. I would say my only problem would be that the insert whole is a bit "to open" and that can make getting good suction hard. Its doable and if you can get past that (which again its suction is there) but if you move you can basely break the suction and have to build it back. If the whole in the insert was a bit smaller or if it came with another insert that was smaller so you can switch them out (having options is nice) would be great. The device as a whole works great as its describe on the page. But all in all I'd say it great and the best suction type (that's machinal) I've ever bought.

Jeremy Braun
Best money can buy

I've had this product for a few months now and although I've tried others this is the only one I always come back to.
Material is soft like skin
And the functions including the heat are still functioning perfectly.
USB type C unlike all the other cheap chargers
I definitely recommend spending the money for this life changing toy

Steven Thomas
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing

This is an incredible toy and I feel like it's the next best choice after the real thing, especially thanks to the heat that's quick to get going. I appreciate the options it gives- you can just hold it in place while it does the work, you can turn off the suction motion and just move it up and down (which IMO is the most battery conscious way to do it since having suction, vibration, AND heat on understandably doesn't last as long), or go crazy and do all of those things.

My only real complaint is that the vibration isn't as strong as I'd like, but it's definitely nice and serviceable. Finally, I see that replacement sleeves are available on amovibe's website, but I'd like to see them added here on amazon. (Though I suppose at that point they've already got you in their grip, hehe) But I appreciate the option nonetheless as the amovibe itself is a worthwhile investment that I'd like to keep using for a long time.