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6 주파수 소용돌이 및 빠는 물 목욕 남근 펌프

SKU: A030801

6-주파수 빨기 + 6-주파수 와전류의 기능적 디자인으로 이 수조 페니스 펌프를 사용하여 여러 조합으로 페니스를 운동할 수 있으며 항온 가열 기능을 통해 보다 실제적인 느낌을 경험할 수 있습니다!

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소용돌이 및 빠는 페니스 펌프

유압식 페니스 펌프는 기압 대신 물을 사용하고 근본적인 음경 울혈을 도울 수 있으며 남성이 목욕이나 샤워에서 사용할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다.

6 주파수 빨기 + 6 주파수 와전류의 기능적 디자인은이 수조 페니스 펌프가 강력한 기능을 갖도록하여 여러 조합으로 페니스를 운동 할 수있게하고 항온 가열 기능을 통해보다 실제적인 느낌을 경험할 수 있습니다!


60일만 반복 사용하면 입이 떡 벌어지는 결과, 파트너가 만족할 만한 길이와 둘레, 성적 자신감을 높일 수 있습니다.

최상의 결과를 얻으려면 일주일에 최대 5일 동안 5분 세션에 3번 사용하십시오. 정기적으로 펌핑하는 경우 건조를 방지하기 위해 사용 후 보습을 권장합니다.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Madilyn Carter

I will update this later with a long-term use review. but upon first use it is a really strong pump and the masturbation sleeve is amazing. I am worried it will rip though with heavy use

so this thing could be dangerous, the suction is very strong and terrifying to my friends who refused to try it. that being said it feels amazing to me. I love the feeling and the suction. just try using your fingers at first to get used to the way the buttons work. the charging mechanism barely sticks onto the side of the device but it is easy to connect just also a little too easy to disconnect. the sleve inside is not made out of silicone so it maybe porous and probably not safe enough to be shared between people

Devon Robel

This product was surprisingly powerful when it comes to suction but still quiet which is great Plus the stroker that came with it feels better than most strokers I've ever used before so far I've tried all functions of this toy or tool my favorite is probably the warm water pump, it's like a Jacuzzi, for your c**k. 😁 That's definitely would recommend to anybody that already uses a pump.

Hershel Krajcik

I’ve tried many penis pumps over the years, and this is by far my new fave. The water adds a new sensation to the pumping function. I was iffy about whether it would leak or not, and it didn’t. It formed a good solid seal with no leaks. The suction is very powerful, and with the masturbator sleeve it’s super intense. The sucking feels a lot like getting oral. I want to also acknowledge that it has different pumping/sucking intensities as well as a pulsing one which is refreshing since most pumps only have one function and no variations. Excellent product and I would purchase it again in a heartbeat!