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SKU: A062401

This P-spot stimulator is designed with double bulb tips of different sizes to precisely hit your sensitive points. Stimulating the g-spot and p-spot gives you double stimulation.

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Yoyobana this P-spot stimulator design with double bulbous ends in different sizes for variation of sensation, enjoyable for men and women, beginners and couples. Suitable for temperature play. Alternatively, glide it over your tired muscles to relieve tension and deliver pure relaxation.

This instrument of pleasure is curved just right, making it a special dildo that hits your erogenous spots precisely. Dual ended dildo is a great toy for g-spot and p-spot stimulation.

Easy to clean without residue, the metal body of this equipment can be applied to any lubricant and can be cleaned directly.

Made of 316 stainless steel, safe, healthy and comfortable, mirror polishing process, no electroplating, absolutely environmentally friendly.

Customer Reviews

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Margarete Ritchie

I was skeptical only because I mean, it's metal, right?! I am soooooo glad I bit the bullet and purchased this amazing tool. It is weighted nice. It is so smooth. The bulbous ends are just the right size and that arc....lemme tell you what....it creates mind bending bliss. Incredible. Don't hesitate buying this AT ALL.

Michale Christiansen

I usually read bad reviews when I am researching a product, this was no different. I saw on there that there were a bunch of people who posted things like "it was used", or there were nicks on the surface. The first thing I did was make sure they would accept a return if it was a manufacturing defect, they will. Then when I got it I made sure to run my hands over every inch of the surface to make sure it was smooth, it was.
Since I wasn't at risk to hurt myself, I used it. It was great!!! The first time it, it immediately started to "work". before I knew it there was a mess.
The only thing I would make mention was how heavy it is. But that's not a big deal because you are using it in your hand so the weight isn't that big of a deal for me. I'm also excited about the big end🫦

Camron Abbott

This is the real thing, it just doesnt come with a fancy satin box. Its mirror polished and I couldnt find any surface imperfections. It weighs a good pound and a half or two and I do believe that it is solid stainless. It is going to become a very popular choice in our bedroom.