Sex Machine Device for Women with 3 XLR Connector Attahcments
Black Fucking Machine 6 Attahcments Size

Sex Machine Device for Women with 3 XLR Connector Attachments

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Powerful, adjustable speed: Simply use the included turntable to adjust the sex machine's propulsion speed/power.
With a variety of angles and speeds, you can try different speed of the same angle or different angles of the same speed.
The fucking machine does not need to be charged, and when you want to use it, plug it directly into the home power socket, and the home power supply provides powerful power for the machine.

Thrusting Fuck Machine Size

Basic Specifications

Material: ABS / metal
Input voltage: 100-240V
Output voltage: 24 V (adjustable)
Stretching frequency: 12-480 times / min
Telescopic distance: approx 4.5cm
Size: 37 * 16 * 25cm
Rotatable angle: 85°
Expansion distance: 60mm
Net weight: 2.3kg

1* Sex Machine
1* Power Supply
1* 10.24 inch dildo
1* 6.49*1.57 inch dildo
1* 6.88*1.41 inch dildo
1* 7.48*1.49 inch dildo
1* 3.94 inch suction cup adapter
1* 9.84 inch extension bar

Customer Reviews

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Jay Zee

I love my machine, my first one broke (😘) but happily invested in another. My only complaint is that I really wish I could use my favorite dildo with it. Is there a way to do that?


Bought this to invest in my wife’s new business venture l.. she tried it out to see how it works and it’s great for the price. It should definitely last till we have a little more money to invest.