Female Masturbation Machine with 4 Big Dildo Attachments
Fucking Machine Attahcments Size
Sex machine Size

Female Masturbation Machine with 4 Big Dildo Attachments

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The automatic sex machine can penetrate from 0 - 450 times/ minute and can adjusted from 0-85degree angle.

Hand-free Stable Machine

The thrusting dildo machine can be attached to any flat surface using the four suction cups on the base, opening up a whole world of hands-free play possibilities.

Super powerful motor

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Simple installation process

Simple assembly, adjustment, and transportation are super convenient. As usual, our careful packaging ensures that your mischievous little secrets are not spied upon.

Sex Machine Detail

Basic Specifications

Material: ABS / metal
Input voltage: 100-240V
Output voltage: 24 V (adjustable)
Stretching frequency: 12-480 times / min
Telescopic distance: approx 4.5cm
Size: 37 * 16 * 25cm
Rotatable angle: 85°
Expansion distance: 60mm
Net weight: 2.3kg

1* Power Supply
1* 10.24 inch dildo
1* 6.29*1.29 inch dildo
1* 7.48*1.57 inch dildo
1* 7.87*1.77 inch dildo
1* 3.94 inch suction cup adapter
1* 9.84 inch extension bar

Customer Reviews

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Totally worth every penny!!!... this is a game changer!.. ladies we dont need men any more with this machine!! as it dont feel like you are masturbating as its something actually penetrating you feels like you just were with a man when done!!.. only thing that sucks is the cord is really short on both ends.. the wall plug cord and the cord for the controller!.. but sides that i am totally in love!!.. git it ladies!!! you will love it!!.