Yoyobana Auto Premium Quiet Sex Machine for Women

Yoyobana Wire-Controlled Auto Premium Leise Sexmaschine für Frauen

Artikelnummer: SM001

Leise Sexmaschine bedeutet <40 decibels at full speed. Thrust speed 0–5 thrusts/sec, 0-90 degree angle adjustable, with speed adjuster, make perfect adjustment according to your preference.

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Überblick über die leise Premium-Sexmaschine

Wie zu erwarten, ist der leise 120-Watt-Turbomotor leise, langlebig, leistungsstark und stoppt nie. Core-Stärke bringt Sie an die Spitze. Die Stange besteht aus massivem verchromtem Stahl anstelle einer hohlen, zerbrechlichen Stange, und das massive Eigengewicht macht sie sehr stark. Verwenden Sie es auf Teppichen, um den Boden besser zu greifen.

Das Schnellverschlusssystem dieser leisen Sexmaschine sorgt für minimale Aufbauzeit pro Set. Es lässt sich ohne Werkzeug einfach zusammenbauen, anpassen und verstauen und wird mit einem realistischen 6-Zoll-Dildo aus frischem Silikon geliefert, um Ihnen den Einstieg zu erleichtern.


Thrusting speed (0–5 thrusts/sec.), distance (1.2–4.5″), and angle (all the way up to 90°) are all exactly adjustable to your favorite positions. The pistons work with any Quick Air Connector accessory.


This sex toy’s quick release system ensures minimal setup time every time. It is easy to assemble, easy to adjust, easy to use, & easy to store with no tools required and comes with a realistic 6″ silicone dildo to get you started.


Aluminum alloy body & solid steel supports ensure stability, firmness, and durability that never leaves you wanting anything but more. Drift into paradise while your toy remains locked into your favorite spots.


Größe: 17,7″ × 10,2″ × 18″
Material: Aluminiumlegierung und Edelstahl
Eingang: AC 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz, 1,5 A
Ausgang: DC 24 V, 5 A
Lärm: 30–38 dB
Motor: 120-W-Turbine
Schubweite: 1,2″–4,5″ (3–11,4 cm)
Frequenz: 0–5 Stöße/Sek. (0–300 Stöße/Min.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stacy L

I love this thing.. I am not mechanically inclined and I could put this together without a problem! Force is good.. Toy attachments are great quality.. Lets just say it is a GREAT buy.. Would definitely get this again but it is definitely built to last!! The height adjusts for the perfect angle.. Works well for any type of penetration..( Lol) So glad i got this one!!


I wish I could give this machine 10 stars, because it truly deserves it.

First, its EXTREMELY quiet. In fact, its so quiet that even at higher speeds it still cant be heard in the next room. Second, its well built. Its legs are steel. It will not slide away as it trusts into you. Third, the motor is very powerful. So be careful.

This machine could easily be sold for $400. Other machines like the Hismith arent worth the price, but the Yoyobana machine is worth every penny. If you're thinking about buying it....Just Do It !

Chris F

Very satisfied with good quality, fast delivery. I'll use it with joy.


This is going to be a great addition to the toy collection. We have a sybian and so far think this is more fun to control on my wife.

Erik Shun

What a wonderful machine. First off I would recommend buying the suction cup adapter and using a sealant inside the screw head on it so you can use suction cup dildos with the machine.