Wand massager 10 speed mode
Wand massager adjustable vibrator head angle
Wand ibrator details
Multi functional vibration wand
USB fast charging vibrator

Zauberstab-Massagegerät Leistungsstarke Plug-In-Massage mit mehreren Geschwindigkeiten

Artikelnummer: B0494

Der Personal Stick kann eine Vielzahl starker Geschwindigkeiten und 10 Vibrationsmodi durchlaufen, sodass Sie jederzeit und überall ultratiefe Entspannung genießen können. Gleichzeitig hat das weiche Hautmassage-Stirnband einen flexiblen Hals- und Kurvengriff, der Ihnen ein wunderbares Erlebnis beschert


10 Super-Vibrationsmodi

Die kraftvolle Motorvibration mit super Intensität, die beiden Seiten Freude bereitet. Wählen Sie die gewünschte Geschwindigkeit, um Komfort zu gewährleisten, ohne die vaginale Empfindlichkeit zu beeinträchtigen. Ergonomisches Design, Eichel simulierend, mäßig weich und hart. Perfekt für weibliches Solo, Vorspiel oder Bisexualität.

Skin-friendly & Safe Waterproof Silicone Material

Female sex toys are made of high-quality silicone material, which is comfortable to touch, skin friendly, and easy to clean. In addition, adult sex toys are waterproof and you can enjoy them in the bathroom or shower.

Unique Dual-Use Vibrator

This wand massager has amazing vibrations, providing you with 12 options for more fun and intense stimulation. You can also choose a clitoral vibrator or G-spot vibrator, or use it as a vibrator dildo. It will completely hit your position, allowing you to quickly reach orgasm, making it suitable for beginners and couples in love games

Sicheres Material, leise und wasserdicht

Das Handmassagegerät besteht aus Silikon, das wasserdicht ist und sicher auf der Haut verwendet werden kann. Das wasserdichte Massagegerät kann bei Bedarf einfach gereinigt werden. Der leise Motor mit Turbolader sorgt für starke Vibrationen, kein Geräusch, fast vernachlässigbare Geräusche und stört niemanden! Außerdem ist der Power-Button geprägt, sodass Sie den Power-Schalter des Massagegeräts auch im Dunkeln finden.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Trever Cronin

my bff gave it to me as a christmas gift cuz i told her i never had a vibrator bc i *thought* I couldn’t have a cl*t O. she was like no u def can u just need one of these, and man was she right. every time I turn this thing it performs an exorcism on me 🤣 this thing is quiet and just hits like a human being cannot! every woman needs one of these.

Eugenia Wiegand

This is a great little toy. Plenty of smooth power and variability. The vibration on this is very nice, not harsh at all. Lots of patterns to choose from. Easy to clean, durable, does the job well. My only complaint is finding the buttons on the pink one is really hard in anything but full light. Once it's on, obviously it's fine but if you're in low light or no light it's near impossible to find the buttons by feel. Nothing breaks the mood quite like fumbling around in the dark looking for the damn power button! lol

Maiya Olson

Heaven, pure heaven! This is a Godsend for me. I've been stuck in a dead end marriage from which I want a divorce, but am sticking it out because my children are young. I literally haven't had sex since my last child was conceived, which was 5 years ago. I haven't had an orgasm since years before that. Got this in the mail today, and was concerned at first because the directions said it was supposed to be charged to 50% but mine wouldn't turn on. Happy I read through reviews, because the "port " on the bottom doesn't have a hole. You gently poke a hole through the silicone with the metal tip of the charger. I charged it when I went to bed and was actually excited to wake up early, because that meant I could try out my new "friend". Unbelievable. I've never used adult toys before, but this one has me sold. Husbands are way too overrated. Take care of it yourself - probably just like you do with everything else in your life anyways!