Vibrierendes Prostatamassagegerät mit 7 Geschwindigkeitsmodi

Artikelnummer: A061601

Die 7 Vibrationsmodi der Doppelmotoren des Prostatamassagegeräts von Yoyobana können Ihre Prostata mit der präzisesten Stimulation stimulieren, sodass Sie das direkteste Glück erleben können!

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7 Vibrationsmodi Prostata-Massagegerät

Der 7-Frequenz-Vibrationsmodus der Doppelmotoren dieses Prostatamassagegeräts stimuliert Ihre Prostata mit unterschiedlichen Frequenzen. Das ergonomische Design kann Ihren P-Punkt präzise stimulieren, sodass Sie das direkteste Glück erleben können! Perlen in verschiedenen Größen lassen Ihren Anus in jedem Moment unterschiedliche Gefühle erleben.

7 Wave-motion & 7 Vibrating Prostate Massager

Designed to provide intense stimulation to your prostate, this massager is perfect for those looking for mind-blowing orgasms. With its ergonomic design and powerful vibrations, it delivers precise prostate stimulation, while the unique wave feature adds an extra layer of sensation that will leave you breathless.

Multiple Stimulations

Two vibration motors at the base and tip stimulate the perineum and prostate simultaneously. Smooth curves conform to your anatomy, dispersing vibrations evenly into the prostate. This anal sex toy is sized to fit everyone, ensuring you'll never get bored.
Made from body-safe phthalate-free silicone, the anal vibrator is ideal for both beginners and experienced users. Ordering our men's toys will take your pleasure to the next level.

Body-safe Material

Hochwertiges Material - Hergestellt aus sicherem und weichem Silikon in Lebensmittelqualität, das Ihre Gesundheit besser pflegen kann; Sextoys aus Silikonmaterial haben eine längere Lebensdauer und sind leicht zu reinigen.

Wasserdichtes Design - IPX6 wasserdicht, sodass Sie mehr Badezimmer und Schwimmbäder freischalten können~

Customer Reviews

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Sigmund Collins

This is without a doubt the best value purchase in this class of product that I have ever made. The device lasted for over two years before it stopped operating, and I enjoyed every minute of my use with it. This is one of my top five favorite purchases in the area of adult novelties, and top two in the niche that this device fills.

Darrion Moore

Did not know what to expect from this but definitely glad I purchased it. No going back to stationary massagers after this! The movement adds so much pleasure and the faster the better! It’s a bit larger than traditional types but it’s worth the little extra discomfort getting it in. Just get a good, thick water based lube. No issues with quality or the remote.