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Двухсторонняя изогнутая анальная пробка из нержавеющей стали

Артикул: A062101

Анальная пробка Yoyobana с двойным изгибом из нержавеющей стали может достигать нескольких чувствительных точек на вашем теле одновременно. Можно нагревать/охлаждать, чтобы усилить ощущение эротического использования.

Цвет: Серебряный


Размер: S


Анальная пробка из нержавеющей стали

Анальная пробка Yoyobana с двумя изогнутыми концами из нержавеющей стали красиво изогнута, проста в использовании и эксплуатации. Двусторонняя изогнутая анальная пробка из нержавеющей стали может одновременно достигать вашей точки P и более чувствительных точек вашего тела.

Поверхность гладкая и безвредная для организма. Изготовленный из нетоксичной нержавеющей стали 316, он прочнее и может нагреваться/охлаждаться по желанию, добавляя ощущение удовольствия от использования, а материал из нержавеющей стали более прочен и прост в уходе и чистке.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Street Monster

I bought this for my wife to get her to the next level and with in minutes she was gushing every where which seemed like forever soaking three heavy cotton towels . She gushed standing and sitting and either end of the toy made her gush again and again! I can’t wait to try it to massage my prostate! I received nothing for this review and was self generated! BUY IT!

Kacey Altenwerth

Thats pretty much it. I just kept hearing OMG, Oh God and then squirt.
It does what it's supposed to do. Best G Spot target tool available.
The curve is perfect to hit the go button. Tried it standing, sitting on couch and laying down. It just works no matter the position. its heavy so be careful not to drop it on your countertop, glass top stove and certainly not your toe. She especially appeared to like the big end and it's not hard to control. It gets the job done in short order because it hits exactly where its designed to hit. You can also chill or heat it. If you're into that.

Pedro Jones

Listen ladies. If you want to make yourself squirt with intense orgasm this here is the best toy to achieve that with. Just relax and just let your body do the rest. This is by far the best toy that I have that gets me off in just a couple minutes and maybe even less. It really does hit the gspot in a way that other toys can’t. Easy to use. Very heavy but I think it helps with putting added pressure to the gspot. Let’s just say that I had a towel that was able to be rung out after. So glad I went with this and not the expensive one.