Automatic Sucking And Vibrating Life Size Butt Sex Toy
Vibrating Life Size Butt Sex Toy
Vibrating Sex Doll Torso for Men

36,6 фунтов автоматически сосет и вибрирует жопу в натуральную величину

Артикул: A0558

Смажьте свой член и ее каналы смазкой на водной основе, затем сожмите ее, схватите и отшлепайте, ныряйте, чтобы насладиться оргазмическими результатами.
Эта реалистичная кукла для секса с мужчинами может похвастаться двумя туннелями, предлагающими вам отличные ощущения.

Доставка со склада в США

Закажите в течение следующего [часа], чтобы получить его между и .

Женские секс-куклы с торсом, секс-куклы для мужчин

Tight Stroker Sex Doll для мужчин Реалистичная карманная киска Мужчины Массаж TPE Masturbator Ass с двойными туннелями Сексуальное нижнее белье Hand Free 3D Pocket Pussycat

Realistic Butt with Vibration

Love doll has 2 long channels - 3D realistic interior grain and bumps.Different channels have different experiences.All channels are carved by experienced sculptors and designed to provide authentic sexual pleasure.

Life Size Male Masturbator

It can provide vibration power, and thanks to its structural design, the product has less noise. All of our adult sex toys are shipped in discreet packaging so you don't have to worry about your neighbors knowing what's inside.

Секс-кукла Реалистичные мужские мастурбаторы Stroker Lifelike Big

От внешней текстуры кожи до внутренней структуры секс-куклы с женским туловищем в масштабе 1: 1 каждая деталь тщательно продумана, чтобы дать вам полный спектр самых реалистичных, приятных и незабываемых сексуальных ощущений.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William Fletcher

The description is very accurate. Toy feels real and giggles like the real thing. Size is accurate to human body. Didnt expect to enjoy it that much. This is my 1st sex toy and I love it. Cleaning up is a little tough but that is my only negative. Okay I wish it was a different color but who cares the colors if it works. This toy will leave you satisfied.
Recap: Feels real, very tight, tons of fun, and does more than get the job done.

Jacob Chapman

The feel is almost as good as the real thing.
I've never tried anything like this before, and, boy I've been missing out.
I find myself hurrying home from work!
If you're in the market, you've found the perfect one right here!

James Acklin

Feels great, especially the anus. A decent substitute when the significant other is not interested.


This product is absolutely amazing ?? if youre wondering what the experience is like, just know that it is very life-like because of the audio, but this toy ALWAYS gets the job done. ??

Johnny Estes

Honestly, the way this toy bounces is my favorite part. It has a great feel. It’s heavy, but I like it. Highly recommend.