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Wearable Sucking Vibrabor With Tongue

SKU: B032601

This sucking vibrator has a vibrating and sucking function, the tongue wriggles wildly in your vagina, and the strong sucking sensation of the clitoris makes you orgasm continuously!

Color: Black



Wearable Sucking Vibrabor With Tongue

10 frequencies + 6 speeds - super strong tongue licking and sucking mode, 6 speeds for you to switch at will, 10 + 6 combinations, there is absolutely what you want!

This wearable sucking vibrator has a super strong vibration mode and a sucking function. The designed tongue crawls wildly in your vagina when it vibrates, giving you the pleasure of real oral sex, while the strong sucking sensation of the clitoris makes you High orgasm!


Skin-safe, hypoallergenic and extremely low maintenance, the silky 100% silicone surface cleans easily and thoroughly with warm soapy water or a premium toy care formula.
Extremely temperature sensitive, it heats up quickly and naturally to adapt to body heat during play - soak in hot or cold water before play for more dramatic results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Selmer Flatley

My husband decided to get me this for my birthday and it was absolutely amazing!! I underestimated the power of this lil thing. We used it for foreplay and all I can say is..."This is only toy you will need"! Had me losing my mind and my fluids if you know what I mean. The different combinations of the speed, licking, sucking, G-spot finder OMG! All I can say is go for it. It definitely does what it promises... unlocks more ways to orgasm. If this is for you, you will not be disappointed and if this is a gift, that lucky person will have no choice but to be satisfied. This was a great gift for me and the batteries last a very long time. Very pretty color, great quality, easy to charge and easy to clean.

Cathryn Keeling

I was surprised at the way it feels “real”. Two ways to enjoy it and they are awesome together or alone…. Must have if you like clitoral stimuli especially.

Jessica Dibbert

So, I have always had a difficult time reaching an orgasm from any type of cunnilingus and it always takes a very long time to get there when I do manage to get off. Call it a mental lock or just not able to relax. Them, this toy came in the mail and I have to be honest... WOW. This powerful little tongue gets in all the right places!