Clitoral Vibratior 10 speed mode
Clitoral vibrator chargeable

G-Spot Clitoral Vibrator 10 Speed Mode Wearable

SKU: B0495

Control this small wearable clit g-spot vibrator in different vibration modes. wherever you are this remote vibrator will just be quiet in your pocket waiting for your requirement.


10 Speed Mode Adjustable

Share remote control vibrating underwear with your lover: the flexible remote control allows you or your lover to control the atmosphere 5 meters away.Just put the vibrator in your thong or underwear and you'll be ready for games, parties or special nights.The top of this Clitoral vibrator will imitate the movements of fingers to find G-spot and other pleasant places inside.Let you experience double pleasure and climax, just like your partner's hands.

Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulation

The clitoral vibrator is ergonomically designed and suitable for your body. A wearable vibrator can stimulate both your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, allowing you to experience dual stimulation.

Waterproof & USB Rechargeable

The entire body of this realistic vibrator is waterproof and easy to clean. Please do not soak for a long time. This women's rose toy comes with a convenient USB charging cable that can be charged from any USB port.

Safety Silicone Material

Skin friendly Silicone & magnetic charging: the vibrating underwear is made of high-quality and soft silicone, which fits the human body very well, has no odor, and has skin touch. Ipx7 waterproof allows you to easily enjoy wet fun when playing games with your lover in the bathtub! The wearable vibrator adopts a USB charging design, which makes it so simple to put the cable close to the port and fasten it.

Customer Reviews

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Joel Conn

Aesthetically pleasing and physically pleasing. I would definitely recommend. Easy to clean also. Recommended it to lots of my friends!