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Fully Automatic Rotary Green Men Masturbator

SKU: A0194

Yoyobana this green men masturbator with 10 thrust and spin modes, one-click orgasm function, listen to real sex sounds.

Telescopic Rotary Green Men Masturbator

Male masturbator with 10 thrust and rotation modes, this green male masturbator uses high-quality rotary motor and exquisite workmanship, the combination of movement and rotation brings a great sex experience.

Ultra-comfortable massage, this male massager is lined with large granules to ensure more intense stimulation of your penis during automatic rotation.
One-click orgasm function, with one-click orgasm mode, our male toy male batter can take you from zero to orgasm!
Real sex sounds, this male masturbation toy is equipped with a voice system. We recorded it live on porn. Feel the thrill of a woman screaming under your crotch!

Basic Specifications

This adult toy's detachable design and IPX7 waterproof rating make this male masturbation cup easier to clean. Both the silicone cover and the case can be washed with warm water.

The cover and case are made of ABS, which can hold the inner silicone firmly. In addition, the inner lining is TPE, which is soft and skin-friendly. It's definitely safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

If your wondering if it works or if it is worth the cash I would highly recommend this product for it will do you great I had lots of fun with the different modes you need to try it also really easy to clean as it is detachable and easy to put back


Well men you found it! I've used it a few times and this is by far the most effective, quiet BJ toy out there. I've tried I few that have some decent features but this one seems to have them all. It's the right size so you'll always get satisfaction. The available speeds and rotations provide a nice mix to choose from, depending on your arousal level. Surprise feature: You can use the stop-and-go technique to get the biggest bang for your buck. You can thank me later. Did I say it's quiet? Double bonus!!

Christopher kochan

Wicked suction, super soft, nice if you have in a long distance relationship and can to see your boo thang for a long time.


So I had used this and it felt great, the vibration really adds to it and suction felt nice but I have used this on my bf and it almost got him over the edge but unfortunately I didn't charge for long enough so it was a denial moment, he said the toy was amazing and I say the toy was great.