Sucking Men Masturbation
Sucking Men Masturbation Sex Toy
Sucking Men Masturbation

Automatic Powerful Telescopic Sucking Men Masturbation

SKU: A0185

Automatic stretching, sucking, vibrating man masturbator, experience real vaginal, anal sex, multiple frequency conversion modes, let you have more experience!

Telescopic Sucking Men Masturbation

This sucking men masturbation has two powerful Engine. 40mm telescopic, strong and highly intense thrust that stimulate powerfully. Enjoy the thunder-like thrusting. Make sure you use enough water-based lube to make things easier. Included lube is a great bonus.

This masturber toys men is equipped with a voice system. We recorded it on the spot of the porn. feeling the pleasure of woman screaming under your crotch!

Silicone Sleeve for Deep Pleasure

When a male masturbation cup vibrates and sucks, the granular flesh wall inside the channel tightly wraps around the area 360 °. Featuring realistic 3D TPE particles, forming a perfect channel and odorless. Male couple sex toys are soft and elastic, suitable for any size. As an adult toy with a male vibrator as a false penis.

Private Packaging-Confidence to Use Mens Sex Toys

Our adult sex toys are designed for you. Men's fun toys have a fashionable appearance and a lightweight feel. Due to the waist contraction design, they are easy to grip.

Basic Specifications

This masturbator is The first electric male masturbator that could be used in water, all wires and motors are well-sealed with waterproof materials. You could actually get REAL WET with this sex toy, go use it in bathtub or swimming pool. Please do cover up the charging port when using in water.

The realistic 3D channels mimic the vagina and precisely stimulate every nerve, creating a more realistic feeling for you and giving you a wonderful experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

i purchased the first one and liked it so well that i ordered a second one as being an older gentleman it takes me awhile lol-had problems with the first one not lasting 5-10 minutes after full charge and it was replaced right away

Mrs. Nyamsi

All around really nice product. Can be a little difficult to grab the vibrator parts after cleaning but nothing too bad