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9 Frequency Telescopic Modes Masturbation Cup For Men

SKU: A0195

This mastubation cup sex toy equipped with soft silicone sleeve, 9 frequency vibration & telescopic modes,which has textured and ribbed pops inside to bring multiple stimulation while having masturbation.

9 Frequency Telescopic Masturbation Cup

Telescopic masturbation cup - This male sex toy comes with a soft silicone cover with a textured and ribbed interior that pops up for multiple stimulation while masturbating. The designed handle is convenient for you to grasp, more freely.

9 frequency telescopic - This male masturbator yoyobana has the function of 9 requency telescopic, which tightly wraps and sucks your penis, allowing you to experience more combinations of sexual experiences.

Basic Specifications

This adult toy's detachable design and IPX7 waterproof rating make this male masturbation cup easier to clean. Both the silicone cover and the case can be washed with warm water.

The cover and case are made of ABS, which can hold the inner silicone firmly. In addition, the inner lining is TPE, which is soft and skin-friendly. It's definitely safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I had a previous one that was decent but this one takes the cake. The suction power is top tier. It did all the work and felt amazing. Love the auto and manual setting to make it more of a custom experience. Highly recommend!


The wife was a little under the weather, so we pulled out the new toy for her to use on me. We had tried a similar item, but this one "Blew" doors off that one. The suction modes were great and most of the vibe modes were intense. Also with a little lube, non-irritatiing enough , where we left it going for several minutes after completion without any post trauma. Get one.