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7 Modes Vibration & Sucking Massager

SKU: B0373

The powerful enough motor of this sucking massager makes it vibrate at 20000r/min, allowing you to quickly enter orgasm mode when using it to stimulate your sensitive points.


7 Modes Vibration & Suction

Yoyobana this sucking massager has a stylish design and a powerful enough motor to make it vibrate at a frequency of 20000r/min, allowing you to quickly enter orgasm mode when using it to stimulate your sensitive points. 7*7 vibration and sucking functions allow you to play games in various combinations!

Perfect Size & Easy to Use

This adult toy is well crafted and sturdy, with a compact design that makes it easy to carry. The device is of appropriate size and easy to grip in the palm, making the sex machine easy to operate and control. The raised button makes this female sex toy easy to use without looking. Powerful but not overly powerful, and feels great in multiple aspects. Adult sex toys and games

Powerful Motors & Quiet

Using the latest technology, this adult toy has powerful power to support its functionality. The powerful suction makes you more comfortable and relaxed.

Soft Silicon & A Perfect Gift

This adult toy is made of high-quality silicone material, non-toxic, odorless, and skin friendly. Ultra soft female sex toys are designed to allow you to enjoy this experience without worry and provide a new level of fun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Juanita Mann

It looks wonderful very expensive and solid real even as a gift is not ashamed))) for the price just perfect. Another look how long will work but do I highly recommend! Take not regret!

Courtney Lindgren

This is my first vibrator, already experienced. It's incredible! Take and will not regret.👍

Colten Kunze

Super Sucker vibrator, clitoral stimulation in minutes, jai enjoys like a crazy, my Pussy s'est setting a color like a fountain. I have had several very intense orgasms

Cynthia Hyatt

Everything perfectly. Very good quality product and 100% with the description.