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Multifunctional masturbation cup for men
Men's masturbation cup with USB fast charging
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5 Frequency Sucking Modes Automatic Smart Penis Pump

SKU: A030601

Inflate your penis and increase sensitivity with this 2-in-1 penis pump masturbator. 2 workout modes and pleasant 5 sucking sensations.

Product size: 7.2 * 30cm
Package size: 33 * 8.5 * 19cm
Product weight: 340g
Product material: ABS + TPE
Instructions for use: long press to inhale, single press to pause, + key to adjust the force, and valve to deflate
Product function: negative pressure vacuum

Automatic Smart Penis Pump

Inflate your penis and increase sensitivity with this 2-in-1 penis pump masturbator. Slide your penis into the ultra-soft, textured stroking sleeve and discover 2 workout modes and 5 delightful sucking sensations at the push of a button.

Not in the mood to suck? no problem! Remove sleeve from pump cylinder and use alone.

enlarge The training device for and exercises

The training device of the exercise can increase the length and hardness of the exercise and improve the quality of life. The pump creates negative pressure, improves blood circulation and increases volume. Harder, more durable, more durable. Erect.

new type of pump can add water

The new pump can add water, can enjoy the feeling of hot or cold SPA in a liquid environment, and the cells and organs are very active and can recover. The concept of combining spa treatments and restorations with exercise
My friend pushed the hydraulic pump into the cylinder to release the internal air and reduce the pressure. This is a form of physical stress.


Use with plenty of water based lube for enhanced slip and better suction.

For best results, use for 30 minutes a day, taking breaks every 10 minutes. If pumping regularly, we recommend moisturizing after each use to avoid dryness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Koby Satterfield

I really like this pump!
It’s easy to use, clean and the beat part:
Very efficient and effective! My ding grew 1” after the third try!
I highly recommend it

Gaylord Tremblay

Pump yourself up for a night with your other or just use the sleeve if you're by yourself but this thing is incredible! It will make you bigger. 4 levels of suction so start slow if your new or go full speed and reduce or stop it at the right level for you. The easy release button can be pressed while its working if you need to adjust yourself or just want to feel the suction again.