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Double-Headed Male Masturbator

SKU: A01121

Experience double the pleasure with the Double-Headed Male Masturbator! This unique device features two succulent sensations: one end shaped to mimic a mouth and the other shaped to look like a vagina. All lusciousness and no nastiness--it's made with body-safe materials and is conveniently detachable and washable. Talk about a win-win situation!

Lifelike Vaginal & Mouth

Double-headed design - This male masturbator features a double-headed use design, with one end vaginal and one end mouth, a lifelike design that allows you to truly experience a variety of erotic play.


Soft and smooth against the skin, it's certainly safe. Health is crucial to a happy sex life. Men should also pay attention to their own health issues. When you insert this pocket pussy, you'll feel the smooth, tender vagina of a real woman pressed tightly against your cock. Please apply lubricant for better effect.


Ergonomically designed appearance, very convenient to hold and use. The anti-slip design of the masturbation cup provides protection for your "excitement moments" and prevents slipping accidents during use.


Private packaging protects your personal information and privacy. We provide you with completely private packaging for this pocket cat, without sensitive text and pictures, and will not reveal your purchase information and privacy.